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By | January 14, 2021

Introduction Self-Service Kiosk Research Report 2021

self-service kiosk research report on market size

Self-service kiosk research report on market size

The Kiosk Association has been working with a major research firm on putting together a comprehensive and vetted self-service kiosk market research report  and the release of the report is due in February. We are in final review with the data firm providing our input. Over 50 companies participated.

There have been many good reports on the market over the years. Frost and Sullivan in 2018 released an updated market research report which was accurate. Generally though it difficult to wade thru the internet-scraped fabricated for sale reports that proliferate. They generally target potential report buyers and list companies that no longer exist in the market or are not primarily in the market.  Hybrid POS in grocery stores and ATMs, for example, raise the number artificially higher for companies such as Diebold and NCR, however, their participation in the true kiosk market is actually quite small. The self-service kiosk industry grows and thrives on fast market cycles requiring rapid engineering, design, and deployment. Characteristics not found in mega-complex companies.

The report goes thru regulatory considerations and also covers new emerging markets such as smart city, customer-facing POS, and intelligent interactive digital displays, and digital signage (though we resist usage of that phrase for interactive).  We advised the analysts to focus on the kiosk market and put to the side supplemental markets like conventional RMUs, ATMs, and grocery store check-out hubs.  Those “fuzzy” factors being put to the side make for a more relevant focus.

This report coincides with NRF 2021 Chapter One and we are offering a no-cost copy (MSRP $6000) to qualified retailers. State, local, Education and Federal agencies also qualify.

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Table of Contents and Sample Chart Below

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction — 1
Study Goals and Objectives — 2
Scope of Report . — . 2
Reasons for Doing the Study — 2
Intended Audiences — 3
Information Sources — 3
Methodology . — 4
Analyst’s Credentials —  7
About Custom Research — 7
Related Research Reports — 7

Chapter 2: Summary and Highlights — 9

Chapter 3: U.S. Self-Service Kiosks: Market Overview — 12

History of Self-Service Kiosks — 12

Adoption of Kiosks in Non-Traditional Industries — 12
Further Popularity of Small-Sized Models — 12
Period of Acquisitions, Mergers and Partnerships — 13

Future of Self-Service Kiosks — 13

Development of Artificial Intelligence-Based Self-Service Kiosks — 13
Tablet Kiosks: Future of Self-Service — 14

Impact of COVID-19 — 14

Consumer Perception Towards Touchscreen Kiosks — 16
Growth in Demand for Touchless Kiosks . — 16
Increase in Usage of Mobile Phones for Self-Ordering — 17

Regulatory Impacts — 17

ADA & Accessibility — 17
Access Board Regulations — 18
PCI Regulations — 19
EMV Regulations — 20
HIPPA Regulations — 21
FDA Regulations — 22

Market Drivers — 22

Self-Service Kiosks Enhance Consumer Experience in the QSR and Retail Segments — 23
Self-Service Kiosks Increase Revenue and Reduce Operating Costs — 23
Growth of Smart City Kiosks — 24
Increasing Demand for Contactless Payment — 24

Market Restraints —  25

Increasing Cyberattacks — 25
High Initial Costs — 26

Chapter 4: U.S. Self-Service Kiosks Market by Application — 28

Introduction — 28
Check-In Kiosks —  30
Check-Out Kiosks — 31
Ticketing Kiosks — 32
Self-Ordering Kiosk — 33
Financial Services Kiosks — 35
Bill Payment Kiosks — 36
Digital Signage Kiosks — 37
Bitcoin Kiosks — 39
Temperature Screening Kiosks — 40
Others — 41

Chapter 5: U.S. Self-Service Kiosks Market by End-User Industry —  44

Introduction — 44
Hospitality & Entertainment — 46
Financial Services — 47

Medical/Healthcare — 49

Benefits of Kiosk-Enabled Healthcare System — 49
Applications of Self-Service Kiosks for Telemedicine — 49

Retail — 50
Restaurants & Quick Service Restaurants — 52
Travel & Transportation — 54
Government — 55
Educational Institutions — 57
Others — 58

Chapter 6: Competitive Landscape — 60

Market Share Analysis  — 60
Strategic Analysis  — 61
Key Developments  — 63

Chapter 7: Company Profiles 69 thru 120

List of Tables (50+ total, excerpt below)

Summary Table: U.S. Self-Service Kiosks Market, by Application, Through 2025 ($ Millions)
Table 1 U.S. Self-Service Kiosks Market, by Application, Through 2025 ($ Millions)
Table 2 U.S. Self-Service Kiosks Market, by End-User Industry, Through 2025 ($ Millions)
Table 3 U.S. Self-Service Kiosks Key Developments Market, 2019 and 2020

self-service kiosk market report example

self-service kiosk market report example



Thanks to our Gold sponsors for their support in organizing this effort.  You can also contact any of them if interested in receiving the report.

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