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DMV KIOSK Self-service kiosk solutions for DMV registration and motor vehicle transactions Intellectual Technology, Inc. (ITI) develops self-service kiosks for DMV branches with systems capable of processing a variety of essential tasks unique to its industry. From ITI — ITI solutions are used to process motor vehicle transactions for: Vehicle and watercraft registrations. License plates. Drivers license renewals.

From ITI — ITI solutions are used to process motor vehicle transactions for:

  • Vehicle and watercraft registrations.
  • License plates.
  • Drivers license renewals.
  • Vehicle and vessel titles.
  • Customized notices and forms.
  • Driver knowledge testing.
  • CDL testing.
  • Scheduling and more.

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Nevada DMV Kiosk

DMV Kiosk for Nevada Nevada DMV kiosk link The Nevada DMV partners with ITI to offer quick and easy services.   Craig Allen Keefner‘s insight: According to Dillard, the program has been a significant success. “The statistics themselves show the picture,” he says. “Year over year, transactions continue to rise on the kiosks to where we’re pushing about… Read More »

Hanford DMV offers new self-service terminals

  The lengthy lines that can typically be seen at California Department of Motor Vehicles offices may become a thing of the past, now that new self-service terminals are being offered. Source: hanfordsentinel.com The DMV recently announced that 50 do-it-yourself kiosks have arrived at field offices throughout California — Hanford’s DMV office included. The terminals let drivers renew their… Read More »

DMV Kiosks streamline customer service in Georgia

Georgia Department of Driver Services Commissioner Robert Mikell demonstrates a new customer service kiosk at the DDS office on East View Parkway Wednesday. The kiosks allow customers to select from a menu of services and are designed to help streamline those services. Shown with Mikell is 17-year-old Shaquita Barnes, who was at the DDS Wednesday to take her… Read More »

Self-service DMV kiosk in Ellenwood for vehicle registration

DMV Kiosk Kroger and Henry County Henry County Tax Commissioner David Curry has just made it even more convenient for residents to renew car registrations with a kiosk to be placed in the Kroger Store in Ellenwood. Source: www.henryherald.com Original link — http://www.henryherald.com/news/2015/mar/24/self-service-kiosk-to-be-placed-in-ellenwood-for/ Post Views: 973

DMV kiosk – BMV kiosk and Westerville supermarket

The state’s first vehicle-registration self-service kiosk is proving quite a draw at a Westerville grocery store. Merritt Kimball of Worthington recently drove to Marc’s supermarket, 111 Huber Village Blvd., to sample the machine. Source: www.dispatch.com Kiosk users just swipe their driver’s license and credit card. The machine then provides registration stickers.   A total of nine self-service kiosks… Read More »

DMV Kiosks – Renew your driver’s license at library

You now can renew your driver’s license at self-service stations at the Iowa City and North Liberty libraries. Source: www.press-citizen.com The Iowa Department of Transportation renewal kiosk is a web-based device that uses touch-screen technology to allow each customer to renew their own driver’s license or ID, including a secure update of the photo that will appear on… Read More »

Self Service Vehicle Emissions Testing Now Available

The Hogan administration announced today that Maryland vehicle owners can now test vehicle emissions using a new, convenient self-service Vehicle Emission Inspection Program (VEIP) kiosk. Source: www.mymcmedia.org outdoor kiosk self service license emissions renewal example by mva INDUSTRY INSIGHT:  Hardware manufactured by Meridian Kiosks Post Views: 1,838

Car Tag Renewal Kiosk in Whitfield

Link to full article It’s your birthday and you’re celebrating with family and friends with a trip to your favorite restaurant. In the midst of all the fun, suddenly you remember you never stopped by the courthouse to renew your car tags. And guess what, it’s now 7:30 p.m. and the courthouse is closed for the day. In… Read More »

DMV Kiosks – West Virginia DMV in Sheetz stores

West Virginia residents can now renew vehicle registrations and driver’s licenses at Sheetz stores in Beckley and Star City. The West Virginia DMV Now kiosks are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week inside the two convenience stores. A third kiosk at the Kanawha City DMV branch in Charleston is available during office hours., , , , WV DMV Now kiosk locations: 

Source: www.webwire.com

Intellectual Technology Inc. (ITI) manages the installation and maintenance of the kiosks, in partnership with the West Virginia DMV.