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Redbox Kiosk – DVD Rental Kiosk

Redbox DVD Rental Kiosks Editors update: It’s 2021 and these things are still going. Here is 2021 Investors Report and these people have expanded into video on demand and 10 or so other digital channels, along with their thousands of movie rental kiosks. Redbox Signs Ad Supported Video on Demand (AVOD) Deal With WarnerMedia and Adds AVOD Titles… Read More »

Redbox Kiosk Just Disappeared

Don’t be surprised if you walk into a store and see a space where a Redbox machine used to be. Outerwall is starting to scale back after years of growth. Source: www.dailyfinance.com Outerwall now expects to close out the year with as many as 700 fewer Redbox kiosks in operation in the U.S. market. The net reduction of… Read More »

Redbox Kiosks and Dollar General Stores

Redbox Kiosks Expanding (2023) From NextTV Just when you think it might be safe to go outside you start seeing Blockbuster in the news transforming itself and now Redbox kiosk expanding to Dollar General Stores. Not surprising though. If you watch movies why pay $100/month for Comcast or Centurylink just to see the movie “stutter” from time to… Read More »