2017 Kiosk Hall of Fame Awards Nominations Accepted

By | November 27, 2016
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Frank Olea accepting Kiosk Hall of Fame award

The Kiosk Industry Association announces that nominations are now being accepted for the Kiosk Hall of Fame.  We  expect to announce inductees in next 60 days.

As the manager of the Kiosk Industry Association has commented, “It’s important that, along with encouraging the regulatory guidelines and best practice design engineering, we recognise the extraordinary people who truly are the industry”.

Big thank you to Edward Crowley at URway Holdings for sponsoring the awards in 2014.  We were able to have nice awards and everybody liked them very much (including the one we shipped to Australia).

Current list of nominees

  • A. Eric Dumouchel of Ultimedia (posthumous)
    B. Traci Martin of Olea (and Ceroview)
    C. Gib Smith — founder of Gibco
    D. Heinz Horstmann of PROVISIO
    E. Neil Farr Working Solutions
    F. Nigel Seed – Founder of Netshift
    G. Ben Wheeler – Flextronics
    H. Tommy Woycik – Nextep Systems
    I. Tommy Wincent of Swecoin (posthumous)
    J. Lars Rosendahl of Rosendahl Conceptkiosk AS
    K. Wilf Medweth – IBM Toronto
    L. William “Billy” Giamo — IBM
    M. Florence Cummings – 3M (and Microtouch)
    N. Brothers Birg – Cy and Ziver
    O. Dave Heyliger – founder of Rocky Mountain Multimedia.
    P. Brian Collier of Dicoll
    Q. Christoph Niehus – Founder of Provisio
    R. Sydney and Jonathan Arfin of Seepoint
    S. NCR – Tim Peterson
    T. Klaus Trox – Friendlyway
    U. John Glitsos of First Wave
    V. Rick Rommel of Kodak and North Communications
    W. John Caldwell – 5point
    X. Dave Gonsiorowski – WebRaiser & Flextronics
    Y. Media Candidate: James Vande Castle – Kiosk Magazine
    Y. Media Candidate: Mary Carlin – Edgell Publications
    Y. Media Candidate: James Bickers – Networld MediaCurrent Kiosk Hall of Fame
  • Frank Olea of Olea
  • James Kruper of Kioware
  • Sandy Nix with CTS
  • Michael Smith founder of NeoProducts
  • Edward Crowley with OneSource Interactive
  • Ron Bowers Frank Mayer
  • Peter B. Snyder Middle East Kiosks
  • Thomas Smith of SelfService Networks
  • Mike Mayer of Frank Mayer
  • Hamed Shahbazi with TIO Networks
  • Gregg Kaplan – President & CEO Coinstar
  • Rick Malone – Founder KIOSK Information Systems
  • Bradley Walker – Founder & CEO Nanonation
  • Janet L. Webster – USPS
  • Cortlandt Johnson – IBM Corporation
  • Greg Swistak – Factura
  • Doug Peter – President St. Clair Interactive
  • Alex Richardson – Managing Director Netkey
  • Lawrence Dvorchik – KioskCom Self Service Expo
  • Lief Larson – President Workface, Inc.
  • Francie Mendelsohn – President Summit Research
  • Peter Berens – Founder Apunix
  • Sylvia Berens – Founder Apunix
  • Craig Keefner – President & CEO Kiosks.Org


Author: Staff Writer

Craig Keefner is the editor and author for Kiosk Association and kiosk industry. With over 30 years in the industry and experience in large and small kiosk solutions, Craig is widely considered to be an expert in the field. Major kiosk projects for him include Verizon Bill Pay kiosk and hundreds of others.