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Cash Kiosks — Innovative Technology Americas, Inc. joins KMA

KMA is a global, cause-based, not-for-profit organization focused on better self-service for customers and employees through kiosks and information technology (IT). The kiosk industry association leads efforts to optimize self-service engagements using information technology. Membership is made up of representatives from the self-service industry who are interested in establishing and following common guidelines on accessibility.

Rebecca White, VP Sales & Business Development for Innovative Technology Americas said, “2020 is set to be an exciting year for us in the US and surrounding territories with lots of opportunities in the pipeline especially in the retail market. I am delighted to announce that we have become a premium member of the Kiosk Manufacturer Association (KMA) which will help us capitalize on these opportunities within the self-service and kiosk industry.”

Innovative Technology The US arm of Innovative Technology has joined the Kiosk Manufacturer Association (KMA) as a premium member.

Rebecca continued, “KMA Membership opportunities include networking with kiosk manufacturers and software providers as well as access to; member resources such as market research and trends, regulatory guidelines as published by the government and technology solutions such as AI and biometrics.

Most importantly, together with other members, we will support an industry-led association which promotes the industry on an objective basis.”

Concluding Rebecca commented, “Our retail, kiosk and self-service offering is continually expanding, and we have developed many new products with our Spectral Technology designed specifically for this market. Our core business is all about automating transactions in the most business efficient and cost-effective way.

Our suite of highly secure cash validation, recycling and smart safe products offer numerous advantages such as, fast bulk note processing speeds, multi-denomination recycling and reduction in overall operation costs. We are particularly excited about our new ICU Age Verification and Facial Recognition device which can helps users manage the sale of age restricted goods to ensure compliance, plus intelligent AI algorithms can identify faces to control access. ICU does not require pre-registration or human intervention and quickly and accurately predicts age and identifies faces so is ideal for automated self-service and kiosk markets.

Joining the KMA will give us the opportunity to network with key organizations within the industry and therefore introduce our new retail and kiosk portfolio to this growing hi-tech market. “

About Innovative Technology

Rebecca Brierley​
Marketing Assistant
Innovative Technology Limited
Innovative Business Park
Derker Street
T: +44 161 626 9999


About KMA

For more information about the KMA visit their website:

Glory CASHINFINITY Retail Video

Retail Video Cash Management Benefits

Reduce the time and cost of managing cash in your store with CASHINFINITY™

Automate cash payment at the point of sale to

  • Improve the Customer Experience
  • Reduce Staff Stress
  • Enhance Security and Eliminate Shrinkage
  • Accelerate Start and End of Day Reconciliation
  • Reduce the Cost To Your Business

More Information

Compact Cash Recycling System CI-10

Compact cash recycling system CI-10 which consists of banknote recycler CI-10B and coin recycler CI-10C can be adapted to various markets; vertical market (bakery, shop, etc), supermarket, hypermarket. CI-10 integrated into the existing POS system enables cash handling automated, improves security, staff productivity, customer service and fund efficiency. CI-10 is designed straight lines stylishly so that it can be integrated into cash desk/self checkout easily. “Follow me” LED sign helps customer to operate by himself comfortably. If cash recycling system CI-100 is placed, CI-10 and CI-100 offers secure closed cash management.


CI-10 awarded with the “red dot award: product design 2012”

CI-10 awarded with the “red dot award: product design 2012”

Its award, the red dot, is the distinctive quality seal for aesthetic forms, moving trends and designers with a strong sense of responsibility.

Exit shutter

Exit shutter

Avoids handing over partial change to a customer in case of incomplete dispense due to jamming/inventory issues.

Secure closed cash management with the CI-100

Secure closed cash management with the CI-100

Interface cassette of the CI-10 makes secure closed cash management possible with CI-100.

Collection through outlet

Collection through outlet

Allows for nonstop coin collection into the bag/tray.

Reject foreign object

Reject foreign object

Enables nonstop counting and reduces jam trouble rate.
* There are limits to the size and shape of foreign objects which can be removed.

Stylish design <iframe width=and a full stop after sign” width=”130″ height=”130″ />

Stylish design and a full stop after sign

Easy integration into cash desks / self-checkouts and easy operation for any customer

Slide extension unit

Slide extension unit

Makes integration into various cash desks easier. Its height is adjustable.

Free layout of recycle module

Free layout of recycle module

Can assign frequently used denominations to multiple recycle modules.

Error Recovery Animation

Error Recovery Animation

If an error occurs, the POS screen show a troubleshooting animation to resolve the problem.

CI-SERVER, Cash management software

CI-SERVER, Cash management software

The CI-SERVER which can be operated via a web browser offers centralized cash management.

Application – Leftover foreign currency? There’s a cash recycling kiosk for that

Application Showcase – Leftover Cash and Coin recycling

Anyone who’s ever traveled outside the United States has been in a similar situation. They still have a few Euros, British pounds, Canadian dollars or Japanese yen in their pocket, but nowhere to spend them.

In many cases, the value of the currency would barely cover the exchange fees, so those extra coins and bills usually end up at the bottom of the sock drawer or given to the kids as mementos to show off to their friends.

A new kiosk project is offering another option for that leftover currency. The project, being pilot-tested by Los Angeles-based Leftovercash, allows those world travelers to exchange leftover coins and bills for gift cards and/or donate the equivalent amount in U.S. currency to the company’s charitable partner, The Giving Spirit. The charity assembles and distributes care packages to homeless men women, children, and families living on the streets of Los Angeles.

The project is the brainchild of Canadian-born Ferdinand Poon, who spent time as a CPA, an attorney and a Wall-Street equity analyst before hitting on the idea for the Leftovercash kiosk.

“I didn’t have any experience in the kiosk industry before embarking on the Leftovercash project,” Poon said. “I was looking for something that was a little more personally satisfying, and as someone who travels frequently this idea just struck me.”

Insert bills here

cash recycling kiosk
Click to see full size image

Poon initially worked with a college professor to develop the software, then contracted with Louisville, Colo.-based Kiosk Information Systems to build the prototype unit. The device is currently operating inside the Vicente Foods supermarket in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The Leftovercash kiosk accepts bills in the form of Euros, British pounds, Canadian dollars, Japanese yen and Swiss francs as well as dollar-equivalent coins in those currencies. The unit features separate slots for bills and coins.

“We initially wanted to go with those currencies that were relatively stable, so there wouldn’t be an issue with fluctuating exchange rates,” Poon said. The company is considering adding Mexican pesos at some point in the future.

recycling kiosk
Click for full size image

To begin the exchange process, users enter their email address and zip code and are prompted to insert their bills and coins in the designated slots. Multiple types of currencies can be inserted in a single session. Once that’s done, they are presented with a total in U.S. dollars minus a $3.99 transaction fee. The user has the option of receiving a gift card and/or donating a portion to The Giving Spirit. Gift cards are exchanged in $10 denominations, with the user having the choice of donating the odd currency or inserting a debit or credit card to round up to the next $10 increment.

Donations are tax deductible, although Poon has found that most users don’t take advantage of that feature. At present, the gift cards can be used at the Vicente Foods where the kiosk is located, although it does have the capability to add gift cards and e-gift codes from other retailers such as Staples, Lowes and Overstock com.

Finding the fit

One of the questions Poon frequently fields is, “Why aren’t you locating Leftovercash kiosks in airports to capture those travelers as they come off international flights?” Although the question is a good one, Poon’s response is equally as good.

Anyone who’s ever tried to do business with their local airport authority knows doing so can be a costly affair in terms of rents and other fees. After all, a captive audience isn’t the only reason a cup of coffee at an airport restaurant costs $7 or more. The cost of placing a Leftovercash kiosk at the airport would likely either make it a money-loser or force Poon to raise transaction fees to a point where it simply wouldn’t be worthwhile

In addition, exchanging their currency for gift cards may not be top-of-mind for someone coming off a 6-hour flight and spending another hour going through customs and collecting their luggage.

“When you’re coming off an international flight, you’re probably not really interested in exchanging your currency and going shopping,” Poon said. “You just want to gather your bags and go home.”

On the other hand, nearly everyone would stop at the grocery store in the weeks following their international trip.
“With the grocery store, there’s a bit more immediacy to the process,” Poon said. “You can exchange your currency and use it right there in the store.”

And because locating a Leftovercash kiosk in a grocery store would likely result in additional sales for that store, a deployer would have leverage in negotiating payments for space, utilities and discounts off the face value of the gift cards.

For now, Poon is concentrating on tweaking the kiosk for maximum performance. Further out, his hope is to partner with an established kiosk company, a foreign exchange company, a travel-related company or other strategic investors on additional deployments.

“At the moment, we’re focusing on building a profitable kiosk,” Poon said.

Contact Leftover Cash for more information

NRF 2016 Retail Kiosk Gallery

NRF 2016 Retail Kiosk Gallery

Pictures of units that we took as we toured NRF in NY for 2016. The coolest demo was Diebold actually.