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By | November 27, 2017

Retail Cash Management Benefits

Reduce the time and cost of managing cash in your store with CASHINFINITY™

Automate cash payment at the point of sale to

  • Improve the Customer Experience
  • Reduce Staff Stress
  • Enhance Security and Eliminate Shrinkage
  • Accelerate Start and End of Day Reconciliation
  • Reduce the Cost To Your Business

More Information

Compact Cash Recycling System CI-10

Compact cash recycling system CI-10 which consists of banknote recycler CI-10B and coin recycler CI-10C can be adapted to various markets; vertical market (bakery, shop, etc), supermarket, hypermarket. CI-10 integrated into the existing POS system enables cash handling automated, improves security, staff productivity, customer service and fund efficiency. CI-10 is designed straight lines stylishly so that it can be integrated into cash desk/self checkout easily. “Follow me” LED sign helps customer to operate by himself comfortably. If cash recycling system CI-100 is placed, CI-10 and CI-100 offers secure closed cash management.


CI-10 awarded with the “red dot award: product design 2012”

Its award, the red dot, is the distinctive quality seal for aesthetic forms, moving trends and designers with a strong sense of responsibility.

Exit shutter

Avoids handing over partial change to a customer in case of incomplete dispense due to jamming/inventory issues.

Secure closed cash management with the CI-100

Interface cassette of the CI-10 makes secure closed cash management possible with CI-100.

Collection through outlet

Allows for nonstop coin collection into the bag/tray.


Reject foreign object

Enables nonstop counting and reduces jam trouble rate.
* There are limits to the size and shape of foreign objects which can be removed.

and a full stop after sign” width=”130″ height=”130″ />

Stylish design and a full stop after sign

Easy integration into cash desks / self-checkouts and easy operation for any customer


Slide extension unit

Makes integration into various cash desks easier. Its height is adjustable.


Free layout of recycle module

Can assign frequently used denominations to multiple recycle modules.


Error Recovery Animation

If an error occurs, the POS screen show a troubleshooting animation to resolve the problem.


CI-SERVER, Cash management software

The CI-SERVER which can be operated via a web browser offers centralized cash management.

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