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By | March 10, 2024
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Dot Inc. Braille News

¬†What’s New?¬†
01¬†¬† Innovation Rolling: ’23 & ’24 Back-to-Back Awards!
02   Testing Dot Pad with the Emulator is much easier.
03   How are Dot and Braille connected?
04   With Dot, Making Museums More Accessible.
05¬† ¬†What Role Does Braille Play in Your Life?”

Following our ‘Best Innovation Award’ in CES 2023 with Dot Pad, we’re excited to share that Dot Canvas, the program for Dot Pad, has won the ‘Innovation Award’ again in 2024! It connects diverse tactile content on web and app platforms, driving the tactile content ecosystem. Can we keep this innovation streak going into 2025?¬†

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¬†Developer’s Secret Weapon: Introducing Emulators!

Let’s delve into the hidden ally of developers, the ’emulator.’¬†Wondering what it’s all about?¬† It lets you to test new apps or games without purchasing every device. Join us as we dive into what it’s for and how to access the Emulator for Dot Pad.¬†

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Dot’s goal is to expand education with Braille and embrace digital tech, making life easier for visually impaired individuals. We’re all ears to their needs, working hard to craft Braille-friendly innovations that can change the game.

Check our sotry with Dot and Braille.

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“Now I see how each creation is shaped up to be really fascinating!”

As their dream of barrier-free tactile experiences expands into museums worldwide, we’re getting closer to the immersive viewing environment we’ve always imagined.

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“Together, let’s explore ways to enjoy our own cultural art through sound, touch, and heart.”
The video provides an overview of Dot’s efforts to create barrier-free cultural spaces through three museums. Firstly, at the National Palace Museum, there’s a tactile experience area themed “Discovering Cultural Heritage with Your Fingertips,” where both disabled and non-disabled visitors can explore digital cultural content through touch and sound. With over 250 digital tactile content types, visitors can draw cultural heritage images and confirm them using digital tactile pads. Secondly, at the Sangju Museum, there are barrier-free kiosks and interactive desks for exhibit guidance. Here, visually impaired visitors can feel the shape and characteristics of cultural heritage items with their fingertips and interactively experience drawings and text on display. Lastly, at the National Central Museum, visitors can touch tactile models of historical relics through the “Sensory Space” exhibition. Additionally, at the heart of all these spaces are Dot’s barrier-free kiosks, accessible to both disabled and non-disabled visitors, making these spaces even more inclusive.
Who is she, mastering Braille in English and Japanese besides Korean? And what’s Braille for her? For folks like Ye Jin, always curious and eager to learn, diving into Braille can unlock a whole new world. Ready to learn together?
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Saying Goodbye to Our 2023 – A Casual Recap of Dot’s Year-End Workshop

What’s the best thing to say to our colleagues who’ve worked hard together?
 Every role played a part in achieving something great.
Here’s to another great year ahead!¬†

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