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Kiosk Group Partners w/ Dot Inc. on Braille Kiosk

Dot, Inc. Braille Kiosk Technology Annnounces Partnership With Kiosk Group Braille kiosk news — Dot, Inc., a bwtech client, as part of the Maryland Global Gateway-Soft Landing Program, headquartered in Seoul, Korea, creates assistive-friendly environments for all disabled people with their technology. The company joined the Global Gateway program at bwtech to explore development opportunities in Maryland. Dot,… Read More »

Accessible Kiosk – Dot Inc. Joins Accessibility Committee

Dot Inc. Joins Kiosk Manufacturer Association(KMA)’s Accessibility Committee, Pioneering Inclusive Tech Solutions Dec, 13, 2023 The Kiosk Manufacturer Association (KMA) is pleased to announce the addition of a new participant, Dot Inc., to its Accessibility Committee. Dot Inc., a renowned industry leader in relevant industry, has joined forces with KMA to support the advancement of accessible and inclusive… Read More »

Dot Inc Braille – Another Award, Museums – Latest News!

Dot Inc. Braille News  What’s New?  01   Innovation Rolling: ’23 & ’24 Back-to-Back Awards! 02   Testing Dot Pad with the Emulator is much easier. 03   How are Dot and Braille connected? 04   With Dot, Making Museums More Accessible. 05   What Role Does Braille Play in Your Life?” 01 Innovation Rolling: ’23 & ’24 Back-to-Back Awards! Following our ‘Best Innovation… Read More »

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology for Unattended Assistive technology refers to a wide range of tools and services that help people with disabilities live more independently and participate fully in society. Some of the most common types of assistive technology include: Braille: Braille is a tactile writing system that uses raised dots to represent letters and numbers. It is used by people who… Read More »

Tactile Dot Braille Tablet & Square POS

Tactile & QSR Cool Videos Update Introduction Couple of nice videos this week with first real-time tactile graphics display (no piezo thank you) and also Square integrating with restaurant kiosks.. Dot Pad, The First Real-time Tactile Graphics Display The Dot Pad is a tactile graphics display designed for the visually impaired. It features a patented actuator technology based… Read More »

Braille Tablet Testimonial from TI

ADA Braille Tablet Testimonial From Texas Instruments In recognition of #WorldSightDay, we want to highlight Dot pad, the world’s first tactile graphics display for individuals with visual impairments. This remarkable innovation, powered by our cutting-edge motor control semiconductors, will evolutionize accessibility on a global scale. We invite you to join us in this journey towards greater inclusivity. @dotinc About… Read More »