The Future Today: A Look at Smart Restaurant Technology

Smart Restaurant Technology

Recently, a few (very few) restaurants have begun offering a fully automated, Jetson-like food experience (think eatsa). The futurism is pretty cool, but what does today’s workpsmart restaurant technologylace automation really look like?


Excerpt:  “At a bank, you can opt for traditional teller service, an ATM, a drive-thru, or online/mobile banking. Restaurants are doing the same by offering traditional counter service, ordering kiosks, touchscreen/video drive-thru, as well as online/mobile ordering. All orders are funneled to production for fulfilment and real-time inventory management,” explained Tommy Woycik, founder and president of Nextep Systems, whose tagline is “Order Food Faster.”

More advice and thoughts from Woycik

  • Automation of the ‘simple’ tasks like order entry and counting change provides improved speed-of-service and more value to guests
  • Customer service means different things to different guests (e.g., Baby Boomers versus Gen X versus Gen Y)
  • Customer service doesn’t have to be face-to-face .
  • All guests value food quality, order accuracy, and speed of service.

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