Android Kiosk Mode Lockdown Browser

Android Kiosk Mode for Lockdown Browser

Kiosk Mode Lockdown Browser

Kiosk Mode Software

Here is the current shortlist of Android kiosk software applications. Much of the Android support gained steam with at the IceCream Sandwich stage. It was at that point the platform entered a first level of maturity.

  • Kiosk Mode Software Providers
    • KioWare software for lockdown and remote monitoring
    • Sitekiosk – Android and Windows lockdown, remote management and CMS for digital signage

To begin with here are the two primary Android lockdown platforms for reference. These are the “lockdown” or managing framework you would likely install as the “Sandbox” for the Applications to run in.

Android Tablet Kiosk Mode Applications generally are designed to be an application, and do not managing the device operation, transaction reporting and remote diagnostics.

    • Kioware for Android Kiosk Software – All of our KioWare for Android kiosk software products work as kiosk lockdown software, securing your Android device and turning it into a kiosk. KioWare for Android protects your application by securing the operating system and home screen as well as serving as a browser lockdown and limiting the Android applications your users can run. Our Server version for Android gives you the additional ability for remote monitoring of the health and status of your tablets from a central server.
    • Esper Android Cloud Solutions
    • Sitekiosk  — SiteKiosk securely presents web-based content (HTML, Flash, videos, etc.) and applications on public access terminals. You can use SiteKiosk to individually restrict access to the operating system, system settings, websites, files, folders, and applications.
    • Another option here for framework can be various M2M solutions however they are always tuned to a corporate BYOD scenario versus an operational customer service terminal (aka kiosk terminal)

Lockdown Browser Applications

    • RetailCloud — A retail management solution for small to midsized businesses, that does more than just ring up transactions. We provide retailers a way to increase sales, better manage inventory, valuable data on the shopping habits of the customers and much more.
    • TapQuire – Tapquire is the leading provider of tablet-based solutions for customer acquisition, on-site feedback and market research. Tapquire combines exceptional software, leading edge mobile tablets and reliable staff to deliver unparalleled results.
    • QuickTapSurvey —  QuickTapSurvey lets you create surveys for your tablet quickly and easily! It’s packed with features and designed to make the survey experience easy, fast and engaging for your target audience. It’s perfect for gathering insight on your customers.
    • TabPOS — TabPOS is a feature packed point of sale application that runs on Android platform hardware. It’s currently designed for quick service restaurants only. There is no need to host your own server or data. The days of blue screens, crashes, viruses, and hard drive failures are a thing of the past.
    • ToastTab POS —  Built exclusively for food service, Toast has everything you rely on in your existing POS and more at a fraction of the cost. Improve staff efficiency. Increase customer engagement. Get more for less.
    • Wondersign —  Android devices of any size or shape can be used with Wondersign’s fully controllable app. Productive deployments are rolled out using fully-managed devices that contain a separate watchdog and software updater app. All our apps can be run independently without the need forPlay Store accounts or third party device management tools. Wondersign’s Android app is multi-touch enabled and built with a variety of security features that make it a stable environment even for the most public of places.
    • RoseDisplays Kokley Cora — CORA is a highly customizable, remotely managed kiosk app that gives you control over the complete kiosk experience. You can display any web-based video or image content or web pages to connect and engage with your customers.
    • Proxyclick – Visitor management simplified. Proxyclick is cloud based software that manages your visitors, from invitation to checkout. Proxyclick offers a wealth of powerful features that help you run a smooth reception that your visitors, receptionists, hosts, IT and security will all love.
    • Kiosk Browser SE — Kiosk Browser SE will allow you to lock your Android tablet to a specific web site or group of sites preventing end users from escaping to the underlying operating system. You can develop your user interface using HTML, Javascript and CSS. You can even use WebKit based CSS transformations and animations.
    • iCapture — Want a powerful, convenient way to capture lead data? Need to capture email addresses to build your email marketing? Conducting a survey and want your results instantly organized and ready for use? Discover how iCapture can do all of this and more for your business!
    • MeetingPlanner — MeetingPlanner Touch digital sign software is an affordable, professional, and easy solution for room booking, office hoteling, and schedule availability. MeetingPlanner Touch is hardware independent and provides cost effective and easy-to-deploy conference room digital signage. Provide real-time schedule details, organizational news, floor plans or other data feeds on a conference room sign or in common area larger signs. Easily provide attendees meeting details and avoid interrupting ongoing meetings.

Rugged Tablet Kiosk Options

See our Consumer versus Commercial Tablets writeup.


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Kioware Android Tablet Kiosk Mode Product Comparison

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Android Tablet Kiosk Mode Software Comparison

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