Temperature Sensing Digital Signage Platform by Mimo Monitors

By | May 26, 2020
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Stay Ahead of the Curve with Mimo Monitors’ Touch-Free Temperature-Taking Platform

The Temperature Sensing Digital Signage Platform by Mimo Monitors

Priced from $899. For configuration and pricing please contact us, call +1-855-937-6466, or email [email protected]

It’s more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your family, loved ones, and your business are safe. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce the groundbreaking Mimo Monitors touch-free temperature-taking platform with the revolutionary Revel Digital software, ensuring you have the most reliable and innovative technology at your disposal.

Including all the necessary components needed to protect businesses and communities, this enterprise-grade platform is reliable, customizable, and seamless to use. Designed specifically to be flexible, it contains an Award-Winning Mimo Monitors hardware display, Revel’s Digital’s CMS analytics and accurate temperature sensing software with a one-year license.

Available operating systems include Android and BrightSign, and bundle sizes from 7″ to 32″, the Mimo Monitors Temperature sensing platform was created with ultimate flexibility in mind. The software is built on top of digital signage software allowing for ultimate flexibility in messaging, instructions, and control, and, through its thorough analytics system, can be connected with existing databases to track personal temperatures daily and keep this on record. Remember – if identities and temperatures are tied to a person, you must secure their consent and follow all HIPAA regulations, etc.

The platform is also able to sync and work together for an all-encompassing picture. Ideal for entrances to grocery stores, assisted living facilities, office buildings, schools, or in taxis prior to riding, this kiosk uses advanced medical sensors to take a person’s temperature and ensure they are not putting others at risk. The kiosk must be located indoors and away from doors and HVAC systems for accurate results.

As a level-one device, the Mimo solution is ideal for pre-screening. For further evaluation, the solution should be used in combination with level-two, medical-grade devices and medical experts. It’s also important that, prior to escalating to a level-two device after an elevated reading, the person be allowed to acclimate to the area. FDA approval must also be secured in the event the device will be used for a medical purpose beyond simple pre-screening.
Seamless to set up and efficient to use, this groundbreaking, touch-free temperature platform can provide the peace of mind needed to ensure everyone’s safety.


  • Customizable, flexible, and comprehensive platform that can be utilized in a myriad of ways to fit the needs of every business. Examples include: providing a green or red light for someone to enter a building, with options to include syncing between locations, remote management and monitoring as well as a full analytics suite available.
  • Compact, durable, and reliable, for seamless install and intuitive use.
  • Integrates a state-of-the-art medical-grade temperature sensor. Runs on multiple hardware platforms including BrightSign and Android.
  • Available in wall mount, floor stand, standing kiosk, and in sizes 7-32” with varying complexity and customization of analytics to suit your needs.
  • Ideal for uses like grocery stores, assisted living facilities, office buildings, schools and more.
  • To simplify the temperature-taking process for those looking for a seamless and highly cost-effective solution, we also offer an entry level, non-CMS version that displays temperature and denotes a clear and easy-to-digest pass/fail temperature reading. This non-analytics solution ensures that everyone entering any public building is temperature-free and promoting safety
  • We also offer a touch-free, enterprise-grade kiosk bundle for manufacturers that includes a Mimo Monitors Android commercial display, BrightSign Built-in, or tablet, Revel’s Digital’s CMS analytics and accurate temperature sensing software with a one year license.

Analytics and Device Management

One key benefit with this system is the merging of signage with iOT devices, allowing for a safe working environment and keeping community members safe. temperature check analytics

Other benefits include:

  • Can notify you when the sensors are down
  • Collect and produce analytic reports
  • Scan ID badge and verify against employee database
  • Unlock doors to allow access
  • Send and email or text message
  • Provide real-time data
  • Provide a method of revenue generation / messaging
  • Networking multiple sites together
  • While sitting idle and not taking temperatures, the kiosk can display digital signage

Mimo Monitors’ new temperature-taking and touch-free platform, ideal for contactless entry, ensures everyone entering any building or public place is fever-free.

For more information on the platform hardware, please visit the detailed specifications for your size of interest

BrightSign Built-in

Android Tablets

Open Frame Displays


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