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By | May 26, 2020
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Temperature Kiosk Frank Mayer

With more businesses looking to implement proper safety precautions while respecting employees’ privacy, we’re excited to offer a remote #kiosk option for #temperaturescreening. Learn more about the program at the link below.

In partnership with Agile Force Inc. and TES America, LLC, we’re proud to introduce a full-service solution to the growing demand for remote temperature screening #kiosks. Read more about the contactless option designed to offer minimal disruption and promote privacy and safety. https://bit.ly/3cXFzxX
When temperature screening is no longer a necessity, companies can continue to utilize the station and technology to monitor shift changes, assist employees with human resources needs, distribute PPE, interview job candidates, and more. “Three years ago, we developed a solution to help solve remote engagement challenges with employees,” says Michael Walsh, CEO of Agile Force, Inc. “Little did we know, we had built the perfect social distancing tool for all employers.”

The kiosks combine best-in-class technology components, including TES America touch technology, to provide a commercial-grade solution with a long lifecycle for the business marketplace. TES America General Manager Gene Halsey says, “We are pleased to be involved in such an important project when employers are looking for answers during this unusually challenging time.”

Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. President Mike Mayer added, “By combining our core competencies, Agile Force, TES America, and Frank Mayer and Associates are going to market with more than just a temperature screening kiosk. We’re solving the problem of health screening while also improving operational efficiencies for companies and enabling a safer, more engaged workforce.”

More information about the temperature check kiosks.

Introducing the full-service solution to a growing demand for remote temperature screening.

Using remote engagement software and thermal imaging cameras on a contactless temperature screening kiosk, employee temperature checks can be easily monitored offsite with minimal disruption and an emphasis on privacy and safety.

Employee Engagement Technology

More than a temperature screening kiosk, remote technology and software empowers Human Resources departments and staffing agencies

  • Onsite Activities — Allow staff to monitor shift changes, greet new hires, conduct temperature checks, and connect employees with departments like HR, payroll, or telemedicine – all while saving the cost of staffing management on-site.
  • Remote Control
  • Hiring Features — Interview job candidates, collect universal digital applications, and onboard new talent at different site locations – from anywhere.
Remote onsite management outsourcing is completed remotely, providing important benefits:
  • eliminates personal contact
  • minimizes health risk to employees
  • conducted by non-healthcare professionals
  • maintains employee privacy.

For more information here is our press release
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You can request demo and more information here if you wish

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