Samsung Kiosk News — All-In-One Kiosk with Contactless

By | July 1, 2021

Samsung’s all-inclusive Kiosk available in 12 countries worldwide

samsung kiosk contactless

samsung kiosk contactless

In Brief (well, maybe not so brief…)

  • 24″ Inch touchscreen (apparently you touch the screen)
  • First time we’ve seen power consumption used as a benefit
  • First we have seen UL-certified antimicrobial and not impressed (Zinc pyrithione aka Head and Shoulders)
  • Antimicrobials are generally useless and just technology theater
  • Credit Card Reader – using the P400 is questionable at best. Definitely low cost but the reasons are it is generally slow and it is not rated for unattended (CAT).  Someone like McDonalds can twist the processor’s arm and get a non-CAT terminal in place (they call it semi-attended which is NOT a PCI classification). Smaller companies will not be able to use the P400.
  • ADA – no mention of accessible device options and video demo doesn’t demonstrate any.
  • Linux-based Tizen — some prefer Windows for network integration and device compatibility and flexibility might be reduced.  Our guess is modified digital content player.
  • Nanonation is one of the solution partners
  • GRUBBRR highlighted as one of the partners, and provides comment
  • Remote monitoring though you have to wonder how much support for other systems.
  • Customers like to use what they have always used…
  • Noted — Antibacterial property does not completely protect users against bacteria and provides no protection against viruses including Covid-19.
  • Fits on a tablet for line-busting
  • Slow webpage according to Google (38 out of 100)
  • Here is the Samsung onsite news release
  • Here is a demo video (with a different credit card reader). A nice promo video on GRUBBRR for sure. Impressive.
  • Here is the brochure — 2021 Samsung Kiosk_Brochure
  • We find it unsettling that “KMA Series” is nomenclature chosen.  KMA Kiosk Manufacturer Association has no involvement at all with this unit.

Samsung News Item

Samsung Kiosk At A Glance

Samsung Kiosk At A Glance

Samsung Electronics today announced the expanded availability of Samsung Kiosk, an all-in-one solution that offers contactless ordering and payment capabilities. Providing customers with easy install options and a protective coating, the Kiosk is now available in 12 countries worldwide, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Australia, and Singapore.

“Kiosks have quickly become a part of everyday life, providing customers with a simple and interactive way to purchase items while giving businesses an innovative solution to reimagine the workplace and increase efficiency,” said Hyesung Ha, Senior Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung’s new all-in-one Kiosk is a smart and seamless solution, offering all the right features needed for businesses.”

Available in a stylish grey-white color, the 24-inch touchscreen display—powered by Samsung’s proven SoC (System on Chip) technology—the Kiosk eliminates the need for an external PC while delivering powerful and reliable technology that reduces power consumption compared to standard use external PCs. The Kiosk adopts a modular design to provide a variety of payment options, including a cradle1 for major EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) terminals, in addition to barcode and QR code readers along with a built-in printer and Wi-Fi system. This all-in-one functionality makes maintenance fast and easy, ensuring minimal business downtime and increasing customer satisfaction.

Samsung Kiosk is suitable for any business environment with a variety of installation options. Firstly, the countertop type can be installed on any counter or table within a store, without the need for any additional construction, saving time, cost and space. When installed with a stand, it can be positioned anywhere within a store to be seamlessly integrated with the interior design, due to the detachable functionality of the stand. The Kiosk can also be wall-mounted2 to maximize space savings.

During a time when contactless interactions have increased, Samsung applied a UL-certified Antimicrobial Coating3 to the Kiosk display. The coating also prevents the screen from being tarnished by oxygen and sulfur in the air, maintaining crystal clear picture quality throughout the lifespan of the Kiosk. In addition, the display is covered with a shatterproof film, protecting customers even in case of severe damage.

Samsung Kiosk uses three-layer security protection powered by Samsung Knox technology, designed to protect its hardware, payment platform and application, as well as customer information.

It also supports application development on the secured platform through a Linux-based open-source operating system powered by Tizen, providing high compatibility and supporting web standard technologies (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS), so developers can easily create a variety of software applications that can be used on Samsung Kiosk.

Major fintech and Point of Sales (POS) solution partners are joining the Samsung Tizen Kiosk ecosystem, with already more than 20 partners such as GRUBBRR™, Softpoint, Nanonation Inc., 900 Solutions Corp., Big Digital Corp., Global P.O.S, EuroPOS, Nowbusking and others playing a pivotal role in expanding the possibilities of powerful innovations such as the Kiosk.

“As GRUBBRR™â€™s innovative self-ordering solutions are introduced into Samsung’s powerful and responsive Tizen Platform, we are excited to showcase the innovative kiosk with higher stability and performance,” said Sam Zietz, CEO of GRUBBRR™, North America’s leading self-ordering solution provider.

With the MagicINFO Remote Management feature, efficiency in store management can be enhanced by identifying any issues in real-time and taking necessary measures. Remote control capabilities enable the diagnosis of issues and remote control of essential functions such as switching the screen on and off.


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