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By | February 4, 2024

Student Union Food Order Kiosks

Nice writeup on student union restaurant kiosks. This is another project by Aramark working with Grubhub (using Elo kiosks and Ingenico POS devices.)

A kiosk in use in the Student Union on Jan. 30, 2024. Photo by Jamari Osborne.

A kiosk in use in the Student Union on Jan. 30, 2024. Photo by Jamari Osborne.

Here is a summary:

  • New kiosks and screens in the student union: The article reports on the recent installation of ordering kiosks and monitors in the Gertrude C. Ford Ole Miss Student Union, a partnership between Ole Miss Dining and GrubHub.
  • Benefits and drawbacks of the new system: The article cites the advantages of the new system, such as increased efficiency, reduced wait times, and improved dining experience. It also mentions the challenges and complaints from some students and employees, such as the inability to use two meal swipes, the confusion over the ordering process, and the loss of customer interaction.
  • Reactions from different stakeholders: The article quotes the opinions of various people involved in the project, such as the resident district manager of Aramark, the food service company that supplies Ole Miss Dining, several students who eat and work in the union, and the coordinators of the new technology.


We began exploring solutions this summer in anticipation of increased enrollment and in response to feedback we received in focus groups regarding long lines,” Chip Burr, resident district manager with Aramark Higher Education at UM, said. “GrubHub Ultimate provides multiple ordering options from a single platform, which presents our guests with a choice on how to complete transactions.”

Although this partnership was not cheap, Burr explained that the price tag is not unusual.

“The hardware investment was a little over $50,000, which aligns with the industry standard for point-of-sale equipment in such a large retail setting,” he said.

More Analysis

We were talking to Lainey Feingold and offered these observations.

  • No audio?
  • no braille?
  • no screenreader or screen magnifier?
  • Note that Grubhub has other POS “warts” that more difficult to use (see video below)
  • surprised there is MSR. Must be old campus card.
  • zero tactile navigation (usually AudioPad)\
  • Countertops and counter configuration for reach look to be difficult (a lot like Whole Foods)
  • Some will say the fixed POS device is violation of operable parts (cannot be detached and brought down for better access and privacy)
  • I’m sure the UI would not withstand close inspection.  Looks like it would fail the basic Google web/mobile accessibility/usability parameters + WCAG 2.1 AA.
  • Typically Aramark, Grubhub, Elo and Freedom Pay equation

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