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Kohls EV Charging Station 2021 & Self Checkout

Kohls Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Self-Service Checkouts Road trip to Kohl’s last night. Usually, a trip to Kohls’s is to return something to Amazon. They serve as an incoming return center and are pretty handy. We use Kohls as a pickup point for Amazon orders to family in Minnesota who live in apartment complexes with unsecure package… Read More »

RFID Readers for EV Chargers: Six Questions to Ask

EV Charging Station Technology News By Sean Houchin, ELATEC Intro The electric vehicle (EV) charging market is growing at lightning speed, both in the U.S. and globally. As both consumers and government and commercial fleets transition to electric, membership-based charging stations are popping up in employee parking lots, tenant parking garages and public areas. Many of these EV… Read More »

EV Charging ADA Considerations – a Kiosk Perspective

EV Charging ADA Kiosk Considerations – Are They Subject to Kiosk Regulations? From the KMA.Global FAQ October 2021 Short Answer —  Yes Long Answer — Technically all of the regulations mandated today apply to any form of unattended self-service. In the case of some there may not be a touchscreen per se but interaction with the terminal whether via mobile… Read More »