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By | September 17, 2022
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Volta released new numbers for the audience that sees its digital signage advertising and we take a closer look at them. As posted on AVIXA

Big numbers were announced for the Volta Media Network with over a billion impressions.  Volta deploys EV charging stations at various retail locations. Charging is free but it does come with advertisements. Once again we see digital signage on its endless quest for an authentic ROI. It’s tough when all you have is “presumed impressions”.

There are regulatory issues with EVs that are coming up this month. The U.S. Access Board will issue their ANPRM this month covering EV, kiosks, information transaction machines and POS. Meanwhile my look at the Volta news.

Editor Update – September EV News — 35 states get the green light for $7.5 billion national EV charging network. NEVI.

In Brief

  • 4600 large screens (55 inch outdoor) across the country
  • Over a billion impressions though there is no explanation for that number basis.  e.g. if I go shopping at Kohls for 45 minutes do those 30 minutes of ads count as impressions?
  • What about people driving by and looking. Are they impression factor?
  • I have no idea what the average ROAS is for this form of advertising. If you do please let me know. Data firm Quotient calculated one Volta project for Coke as resulting in “$2.51 million in attributable sales and a ROAS 56 percent higher than average”. 56 Percent more than not a lot? Like I said, no idea what average ROAS is.
  • Roughly 2300 installations given dual-sided kiosks
  • Volta lists 2861 current locations
  • Highlighted locations — Cinemark Theatres, Giant Food, Kohl’s, Stop & Shop, and Tanger Outlets
  • 124 million electric miles
  • Figure 15-30 miles per charge (in an hour?)
  • Figure 350K charging sessions
  • Charging technology per Volta
    • L2 Charging Speed: 7-10 kWh, or up to 35 miles of range per hour. Note that miles per kWh vary from ~2 to ~4 miles per kWh depending on the efficiency of your make/model.
    • DC Fast Charging Speed: 50-60 kWh, or up to 210 miles of range per hour depending on your EV.
  • Free charging (you just get to watch ads)
  • Interesting too the age demographics of users (see below)
  • Volta likes to point out the CO2 reduction so sustainable and renewable is part of their strategy.
  • Here is a stock overview from Yahoo Finance
  • From Volta August 9, 2022
  • These units each contain (2) Peerless-AV 55″ XTREME Outdoor Displays. The optically bonded cover glass is extremely strong and perfect for high traffic areas with risk for potential vandalism

Metrics for EV Charging Station Advertisers

Volta further distinguishes itself by offering advertisers a suite of measurement capabilities enabled by collaborations with industry-leading measurement companies. These relationships allow Volta to report on the same full-funnel impact marketers have come to expect from the most notable digital advertising platforms. This includes performance metrics like sales lift and incremental return on ad spend (ROAS)—a new frontier for the DOOH industry. Volta’s ability to meaningfully drive bottom-of-the-funnel results was best demonstrated through two recent campaigns. Working with a leading shopper intelligence platform, Catalina, Volta revealed its ability to deliver an 8 percent sales lift for Dole’s products and increase category share for the brand by 8.5 percent. In a separate campaign for Coca-Cola, Volta, and digital media and promotions technology company Quotient, measured $2.51 million in attributable sales and a ROAS 56 percent higher than average.4

We are not experts on DOOH (we have members who are) but here is case study for Coke and Volta.  Volta_Coke_Case_Study

Volta Recommended Locations

Below is the result of one of Volta’s surveys.  Typical dwell time at a supermarket is probably 45 minutes so sure, good place for E-charging.

Volta Suppliers

Peerless-AV is the primary producer of these EV Charging Stations / Kiosks. Dual 55 displays. These are the Xtreme 55s


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