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Self-Service Kiosks for Retail

Self-Service Kiosks Offer Enhanced Customer Experience for Retail From the Frank Mayer blog Oct2020 Since the COVID-19 pandemic began dominating headlines earlier this year, retailers and brands have been forced to demonstrate agility when meeting new customer expectations. More than ever, the transformed consumer now counts on operational supply chains, accessibility, and arguably most important, enhanced safety standards.… Read More »

Self-Service Kiosk Benefits for Customer Experience – Top Six

Self-Service Kiosk Benefits Custom content for KIOSK Information Systems by Retail Dive’s Brand Studio Retailers across categories are developing new ways to provide their customers with exceptional experiences today and in a post-pandemic world. Many are turning to offering self-service options that can improve the in-store experience while helping them maintain stability in these uncertain times. Digital self-service… Read More »

Kiosk Market Research 2022 – Self-Service Kiosks v12

Self-Service Kiosk Market Research 2022-v12-Jun 2022 Our Take Predicting 2022 trends begins with reviewing 2021 predictions. How many were right and how many were wrong? Forrester – How Accurate Were We in 2021 Predictions Who Got It Right by Visual Capitalist The consensus from many respected organizations comes down to one word:  contactless.  We think 2022 will be… Read More »