Clover Kiosk by Samsung & Nanonation

By | April 12, 2022
Samsung Kiosk With Nanonation kiosk software

Clover Kiosk by Samsung+Nanonation

New entry in the McDonalds kiosk field. Interesting too since not only does Nanonation provide self-order platform, they also provide robust digital signage and menuing software. From the Nanonation website

Samsung’s state-of-the-art kiosk platform combined with Nanonation’s content and application management tools is a win-win for any business

The Samsung Kiosk platform is a versatile solution built upon Samsung’s Tizen operating system. Configurable to meet a variety of industry needs, the kiosk can be free-standing, tabletop or even wall mounted. Multiple payment and peripheral options make the Samsung Kiosk a great solution for retail, restaurant, transit, hospitality or just about any public-space application. Nanonation’s robust CMS tool allows you to deploy and manage your applications and content to Samsung Kiosk networks large or small.

Nanonation partnered with Samsung to bring our Commandpoint management tools to the Samsung Kiosk platform. Through Commandpoint you can quickly and easily deploy new versions of HTML interactive applications to your kiosks.  Commandpoint also allows you to control the kiosk’s attract loop using our feature-rich digital signage CMS.

Don’t have an application to deploy? No problem. Nanonation’s expert software development team and user interface designers are here to help. From endless aisle applications that tie directly to inventory systems to transactional ordering or ticketing solutions, Nanonation can help you create the application you need.

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