Digital Signage with AI Integration – 22Miles Interview

By | December 20, 2023
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Digital Signage AI Integration

Part one of an interview with¬†22Miles¬†CEO¬†Joey Zhao¬†as he discusses 22Miles offerings as the first digital signage and wayfinding solutions provider to offer AI integration within their CMS. In this interview, Zhao talks about the beginnings of the company’s AI development and integration, as well as the company’s award for outstanding innovation in AI at Infocomm 2023. Learn more or request information or a quote by visiting¬†

Joey Zhao CEO of 22Miles —¬† “AI with real customer data is resolving a real problem in the real world. We actually pull it out and allow customers to actually talk with the GPT. like a wayfinding features but also exhibit information event information and the travel information so anybody at the show floor can actually ask questions and get their answers you know just in a very precise way”

Part two of an interview with 22Miles CEO Joey Zhao as he discusses 22Miles offerings as the first digital signage and wayfinding solutions provider to offer AI integration. In this interview, Zhao talks about the three AI product offerings that were first introduced in the fall of 2023 by 22Miles.

22Miles AI Innovations

Having introduced the AI Assistant with Wayfinding at InfoComm, 22Miles has emerged as a trailblazer in the digital signage industry, showcasing profound AI integration, unveiling innovative products, and securing numerous awards. This recognition underscores our ongoing commitment to enhancing user experiences through advanced AI technology.

At the core of our innovation is the use of the OpenAI GPT model, enabling us to craft interactive AI experiences that stand out in the market. Our approach involves a rigorous training regime combined with real-time data integration, ensuring that our solutions provide contextually aware and relevant responses. This method proves significantly more effective than conventional exact match searches or basic AI chat interfaces.

Our AI solutions encompass the creation of a proprietary 22Miles AI model. This model excels in locally parsing and interpreting complex and massive amounts of data, ensuring heightened security and simple licensing fee structure. This model combined with our unique training process can provide incredibly accurate and meaningful results for practically any use case. The on-premises approach ensures that no data ever leaves the local area network, especially critical for high security data environments.


Is Digital Signage Incorporating More AI These Days?

The answer is yes, digital signage is increasingly integrating artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to enhance its capabilities and effectiveness. AI brings several advantages to digital signage systems, making them smarter and more dynamic. Here are some ways in which AI is being integrated into digital signage:

  1. Content Personalization: AI algorithms can analyze data such as audience demographics, behavior, and preferences to deliver personalized content. The short term benefit is Personalization for the customer
  2. Audience Analytics: AI-powered cameras and sensors can be used to gather data about the audience, such as age, gender, and emotion recognition. Dynamic demographic displays.
  3. Automated Content Generation: AI can help generate content dynamically, including text, images, and videos. Think about seeing a snowman at Javits Center with snowstorm coming in.
  4. Predictive Scheduling: AI can predict when and where to display content to maximize its impact. One size never fits all and neither does same old schedule.
  5. Facial Recognition: AI-powered facial recognition technology can be used to provide interactive experiences. For example, digital signs can change content based on the emotions detected on viewers’ faces.
  6. Natural Language Processing (NLP): NLP technology can be used to enable voice-activated commands and interactions with digital signs. Users can ask questions or make requests, and the signage system can respond accordingly.
  7. A/B Testing: AI can facilitate A/B testing by automatically changing content variants and measuring their effectiveness. This helps in fine-tuning digital signage campaigns for better results.
  8. Predictive Maintenance: AI can monitor the health of digital signage hardware and predict when maintenance or repairs are needed, reducing downtime.
  9. Integration with IoT Devices: AI can connect digital signage to other IoT devices, allowing for more interactive and dynamic content. For example, a digital sign could display real-time data from weather sensors or integrate with smartphones for location-based content delivery.
  10. Data Analysis: AI can analyze the data collected from digital signage campaigns to provide insights and recommendations for improving content and strategy.

These AI-driven features enhance the ability of digital signage to engage audiences, deliver targeted messages, and adapt to changing conditions. As AI technology continues to advance, we can expect even more sophisticated and integrated AI solutions in the digital signage industry.


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