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Voice Ordering Systems with Conversational AI Assist, Digital Avatars, Smart City and Accessibility

Voice Order Kiosks with Generative AI

Voice order and Voice Assist are the trend right now. At InfoComm 2023, 22Miles won Best of Show with their wayfind with AI Link to article.

At the recent NRA show we displayed generative AI virtual assistance example on a kiosk from SapientX.

One of the more “in production” is the Verneek solution which just finished trials and tests in Sprouts Supermarket. Verneek is a prime NVIDIA partner and NVIDIA is very invested in conversational AI. Their newest iteration does multi-language on the fly. There is also a “behind the scenes” video available.

You can contact us at [email protected] or our contact page. For a list of Voice Order kiosk solutions visit our companies page.

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Conversational AI Kiosk – Valyant AI & KIOSK Information Systems

Conversational AI Kiosk KIOSK and Valyant AI announce a partnership to enable contactless self-service experiences. Read the press release to learn how Conversational AI and digital kiosk technology provide personalized, touchless customer experiences for hospitality, retail, and healthcare. From MIT Tech Review – Building customer relationships with conversational AI is a big deal for sure. Insights associated with… Read More »

Digital Signage with AI Integration – 22Miles Interview

Digital Signage AI Integration Part one of an interview with 22Miles CEO Joey Zhao as he discusses 22Miles offerings as the first digital signage and wayfinding solutions provider to offer AI integration within their CMS. In this interview, Zhao talks about the beginnings of the company’s AI development and integration, as well as the company’s award for outstanding innovation in AI at… Read More »

AI Wayfinding Awards InfoComm

22Miles Wins Two InfoComm Awards Every year, Future publications contracts with AV industry experts to evaluate products submitted by manufacturers exhibiting at InfoComm for Best of Show. Our judges are experts in the categories of products we have chosen for them to evaluate and always remain anonymous to the manufacturers. They are your peers, AV/IT managers, directors, engineers, or industry… Read More »

AI Kiosk – Wayfinding with AI Avatar at IAAPA

SapientX Announces GPT-4 Powered Talking Characters For Resort Hotels November 6, 2023 – San Francisco – SapientX <>, a leading supplier of AI-powered, talking characters for digital signage, today announced the first digital characters, using GPT-4, for use in resort hotel wayfinding, concierge services and food & drink ordering. The life-sized “Wynnie” character will be shown at the… Read More »

Legal News — McDonalds Sued for Improper Use of AI Biometric Data in Drive-Thru

Reported in Retail Automation June 2021 McDonalds AI Drive-Thru Ordering Violates Privacy Laws in Illinois and now headed to Court From EatThisNotThat Jun2021 – Editors Note:  You could see this coming given the test being run in Illinois which has some of the strictest privacy laws. In Brief: McDonalds testing AI-powered drive-thru ordering at 10 restaurants in Illinois Voice Analysis… Read More »

AI Drive Thru Menu Boards – Samsung White Castle

Samsung, SoundHound and White Castle Revolutionize Voice AI Drive-Thrus From Samsung White Castle plans to roll out the cutting-edge, interactive menu boards to over 100 drive-thru lanes Samsung Electronics America, Inc., and SoundHound AI, Inc. (Nasdaq: SOUN), a global leader in voice artificial intelligence (AI), today announced that they will be working together with White Castle, America’s first… Read More »

Build Kiosk Demo Online with AI

SiteKiosk Online introduces AI Advisor Kiosk Mode The utilization of artificial intelligence has become a reality for SiteKiosk Online. Over the past few months, a prototype of an AI-driven product advisor has been developed. This advisor offers suitable product recommendations and information by engaging users with specific questions and providing tailored responses. The fusion of artificial intelligence and… Read More »

Conversational Voice Ordering System with AI

Conversational Voice Order AI While conversational AI circa May 2023 is a hot topic and a big tool in the “buzz bag” aka “we plan on doing that”, conversational voice AI has finally reached actual deployments. Estimates and projections are fine but real data is what counts.  Meanwhile Google and Microsoft battle for available oxygen in the AI… Read More »

Generative AI Assist Driving Revenue

AI Useful Results for Retailers Article on retailtouchpoints July 10th on AI and Retail. Quick Brief / Summary AI is coming Retailers exploring and new startups like Verneek have formed. We’ve covered Verneek and their terrific pilot they finished with Sprouts. Very successful. They include some nice data predictions — Global ecommerce sales, representing 22% of all retail… Read More »

Generative AI Assist – Consumer Facing AI

Verneek Retail AI Assist Welcome to Verneek our latest Advisory Board member. Verneek’s  One Quin provides enterprises with one holistic consumer-facing AI solution to accurately answer personalized questions through voice activation or text anywhere. The  Verneek platform is unique in answering specific questions reliably based on dynamic enterprise data that gets automatically augmented with relevant public information. The platform’s… Read More »

Generative AI – Build Your Own LLM

Building Your Own LLM for AI Building your own LLM is going to occur to you. If only to assist human assistants. A fashion designer can allow customers with a series of voice questions to locate a particular style of dress.  Taking it further, they could optionally “design” the dress they want and AI could output mechanical and… Read More »

Generative AI – Coming soon to kiosks

Generative AI: Coming soon to a kiosk near you The most talked about technology this year–generative AI, which is behind ChatGPT, BingChat, Google Bard and dozens of other implementations–is likely to be talking right from the speaker of most kiosks quite soon. With some simple limitations to avoid it hallucinating the kiosk into big trouble, GenAI could take… Read More »

Immersive Technology – Kiosk Association and NRF 2021 Chapter One

See Immersive Technology at NRF 2021 Press Release PR Newswire Jan 08  DENVER, Jan. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Visit NRF 2021 Chapter 1 next week and meet with Kiosk Association. Dates are January 12, 13, 14, 19, 21 and 22 beginning next week.  Our online page is Our portal page with helpful links, research, predictions, brochures and videos for NRF 2021… Read More »

Conversational AI Share with Restaurant Technology Group & Angela Diffley

Conversational AI Webinar with RTN We participate in several workgroups in Restaurant Technology Group and recently participated in extended “AI Share”.  We learned a lot and especially liked the AGOT talk prior to our own.  Angela Diffly was the host and she is a super-connected person in the restaurants industry. The Restaurant Technology Network hosted #AI Share Groups in June & August… Read More »

Mastercard Voice Ordering with AI

Press release from Mastercard May 16, 2019 on Zivelo initiative to be shown at National Restaurant Show Mastercard and ZIVELO Leverage Artificial Intelligence and Voice Ordering Sonic Drive-In will be first to pilot the new innovative voice AI powered ordering and dynamic menu experience at their drive-in locations PURCHASE, NY — May 16, 2019 — Today, Mastercard announced a… Read More »

Self-Service Avatar Kiosks for Government Facilities

Avatar Kiosk From BusinessNewsThisWeek Jun2021 Grafton, WI, June 17, 2021: ARS Connect, an A.I. technology company behind a first-of-its-kind customizable talking A.I. workforce platform, has partnered with Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. to offer self-service kiosk solutions for courts, government facilities, and businesses. Municipal buildings and courthouses can utilize the innovative A.I. to answer frequent questions from visitors,… Read More »

Machine Learning, Inference Engines and AI – & Self-Service

As a public techno service here are some of the recently released machine learning devices available. Say “Hello” to Google Coral Edge TPU, Google’s custom ASIC for machine learning has arrived. During Injong Rhee’s keynote at last year’s Google Next conference in San Francisco, Google announced two new upcoming hardware products: a development board and a USB accelerator stick. Both products were… Read More »

Drive Thru Voice Order AI – Good Times Order Taking

 Original complete article on the Denver Post published 2/15/2019.  Support the Denver Post!  Updated 3/23/2019. AI Taking Your Order at Drive Thru Kiosk Voice The Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard at 2095 South Broadway is testing artificial intelligence to take drive-through breakfast orders. The artificial intelligence company, Valyant AI based in Denver says their deal marks one… Read More »

How AI is Creating Jobs in Restaurant Industry

From post on Retail Automation from Restaurant Technology News Feb 2020 – AI is creating jobs. ATM example. How AI Creates Jobs By Retail Systems | February 23, 2020 0 Comment AI is boosting efficiency and making life easier for thousands of AP professionals today. But many of these professionals are undoubtedly wondering if sophisticated software might one day put them… Read More »

Court Kiosk – AI Kiosks for Government Check-In Kiosks

Court Kiosks at Government facilities and Courthouses Court Kiosk News — AI kiosk technology powers customer service check-in kiosks at government buildings ARS Connect, the technology company behind a new, state-of-the-art AI kiosk workforce platform, partnered with Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. on a self-service court kiosk solution aimed at courts, government facilities, and businesses. The court kiosk’s… Read More »

New Skincare Kiosk with AI for Retail

Noted on Retail Automation — Maybe “new” isn’t the most accurate word. More like emerged from Pandemic hiatus.  Interesting that original iteration from Samsung and then offloaded. Skincare Kiosk AI in Retail skincare kiosk AI From Trendhunter July 2021 Editors Note:  First time we have seen skin care kiosk, and with AI. Actually makes a lot of sense especially with… Read More »

AI Artificial Intelligence Conversational Chatbot Avatars by SapientX

AI Artificial Intelligence Conversational Chatbot Avatars New member SapientX provides A.I. Software That Gives a Voice and Intelligence to Products.  AI is a very big thread throughout the media these days. Restaurants and retail in particular.   Avatars for every segment of business. SapientX We Are Building the Next Generation of A.I. Voice Assistants and Avatars Current voice systems… Read More »