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By | September 23, 2015
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We wanted to supply a dedicated endpoint that had an engaging attract screen, and simple button-based options for ease of operation and user-friendliness.

Tom Kentish
IT manager, Essendant (USA)

Employees in many job settings do not have regular computer access. HR kiosks are a cost-effective and efficient way companies can connect with employees at the workplace and make existing resources more accessible.

Vacation requests, travel expenses and time or work sheets can be recorded and processed electronically. Work instructions, safety regulations, work schedules and shift rosters as well as general employee information are uploaded to the company’s corporate Intranet and accessible through HR kiosks. Staff members can access and use all allowed resources on the corporate network by entering their password at the kiosks.

HR Kiosk Sample project

Keeping Workers Informed with Human Resource Kiosks

Deerfield, Illinois-based Essendant is the largest wholesaler of office products and other business essentials in North America. With a massive operation spread across many locations, the company needed a central platform to manage its workforce and offer services such as timekeeping, paycheck stub printing, communicating important information and enterprise-wide training.

Some Essendant employees have personal desktop or laptop computers to access such services but many do not. For those who do not, the company wanted to provide a way to access its intranet that did not require complicated technology or a great deal of training.

The company also had some unique requirements that made the kiosk a bit different from most standard units. First, all kiosks required domain logon/authentication as many of the available resources use single sign-on (SSO) technology to authenticate the users. In addition, the units are highly interactive due to multiple profiles being written/updated on a daily basis.

The company chose to deploy the solution using Lenovo All-in-One e93z series kiosks. The devices are driven by PROVISIO’s SiteKiosk, a kiosk software and lockdown browser for safeguarding public-access PCs, displays and tablets.

Essendant also is in the process of deploying PROVISIO’s SiteRemote product to further add to its ability to monitor and manage the large number of kiosks.

By all accounts, Essendant is immensely pleased with the performance of the kiosks. Read the full case study here!

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