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By | September 10, 2021
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McDonald’s Partners with Vispero to Provide Access for Blind and Low Vision Customers in US Self Order Kiosks

Press release Sept 2021

Editors Note — you can meet with Vispero at the upcoming M-Enabling Summit in Arlington, VA in October.   The Kiosk Association is a sponsor and exhibitor. Laura and Matt from Vispero will be there.  Note that health protocols are strict and exceed CDC requirements for everyone’s safe health. See M-Enabling Summit Arlington in October(Opens in a new browser tab)

Comprehensive Solution Pushes the Bounds for the Future of Inclusive Kiosks

Clearwater, FL – Vispero™, the global leader for assistive technology products for the blind and low vision community, has been selected by McDonald’s to assist in providing customers with an accessible kiosk experience. Vispero’s product, JAWS Kiosk, has been deployed to select McDonald’s US company-owned restaurants, as well as newly deployed kiosks in US franchise locations.

Creating an accessible and usable kiosk experience for McDonald’s customers required an understanding of McDonald’s robust self order kiosk interface and a plan for making the extensive McDonald’s menu easily navigable and intuitive for blind customers.

“The selection of JAWS Kiosk as a solution for McDonald’s is a game-changer for providing equal access in Quick Service Restaurants for blind and low vision customers,” states Matt Ater, Vice President of Corporate Business Development and Software at Vispero. “At Vispero, our goal is to innovate for customers with disabilities. Working with McDonald’s allows us to ensure our products are reaching people when they need it most.”

JAWS Kiosk will allow blind and low vision users the ability to interact with a self-order kiosk by inserting headphones into the headphone jack, located on the navigation pad, which will then navigate the kiosk screen, reading the content as they move through the application.

“McDonald’s prides itself on fostering an inclusive restaurant experience for all,” said Kelsey Hall, Senior Manager of Global Digital Accessibility at McDonald’s. “This inclusive kiosk solution ensures blind and low vision customers can independently order their McDonald’s favorites for themselves, their families, and their friends.”

McDonald’s is in the process of deploying this solution to corporate-owned stores and select franchise locations across the US.

About Vispero
Vispero is the global leader for assistive technology products for those with vision impairments. Freedom Scientific, TPGi, Enhanced Vision and Optelec, all Vispero brands, have a long history of innovation for customers with accessibility needs. Today our product portfolio is considered one of the most diverse and reliable on the market. For more information, visit

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