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By | August 19, 2022

Airport Kiosks Engineering Example – CLEAR Kiosks

frank olea kiosks

frank Olea – Olea Kiosks CEO

It’s good to see videos on LinkedIn by companies showing “what’s behind the curtain” so to speak. Most times people see the kiosk and discount the internal engineering and design that takes place. Serviceability, training and maintenance are huge factors in a long term self-service deployment.

Part of the evolutionary process of a design can include quick removal hardware. Because these are so tight it requires a well thought out plan for hardware placement. I’m especially proud of the quick release tube clamp mechanism we created that holds the body to the pipe.



About Olea KIosks

Inspired by a true passion for his craft, master carpenter Fernando Olea began a tradition of bringing his customers’ ideas to life back in 1975. He started designing, engineering and producing furniture, cabinetry, display exhibits, commissioned works of art and, later, kiosks in his small, rented RV garage in Downey, California. And Olea was born. From those humble beginnings to the company’s current 81,000-square-foot campus in Southern California, Olea Kiosks® Inc. continues to be driven by our founder’s innovative spirit, with an old-fashioned commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and service. More than 40 years after producing our first kiosk, we remain a family-owned and operated company. And we continue to push the limits of kiosk design, using our curiosity and intuition to find new self-service solutions that create a lasting impact for our customers.  For more information email [email protected]

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