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Kiosk RFP

Kiosk RFP

Kiosk RFP

Kiosk RFP

Requests for kiosk RFP projects and proposals come out all the time. Here at Kiosk Industry Group we track and list some of them. Included are current Kiosk RFPs and also completed RFPs for Kiosks, ATMs, and Digital Signage (aka Digital Sign).  All the related files are available to site sponsors.  We receive direct RFPs (DMV Internet Kiosks for example) in advance and also spend time with contracting officers to ensure they have ADA, PCI and UL resource backgrounds.

Kiosk Request For Proposal

Here are some of the recent Kiosk RFPs and Digital Signage RFPs by date. Check the digital signage and smart city pages for those RFPs.

December 2021

  • Santa Monica UX Development – Front end development, UX and UI services for the public website, ServiceNow, and other internal and public facing applications. The selected vendor will provide a wide variety of services including HTML, JavaScript, CSS and webpage design in the context of Visual Studio for Windows or Mac – if possible – within the Orchard Core CMS. The selected vendor should be a full-service agency that can also assist with user experience, graphic design and other services as required to complete a project. In addition to the website, the selected vendor may also be asked to deliver CSS to support the City’s ServiceNow environment, front end development for Microsoft SharePoint and other projects and platforms as they arise.
  • Transit Project — The Agency, Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority (Sound Transit), is seeking an accessible, easy to use and comprehensive solution to combine trip planning, real-time information, interactive support and fare payment for our passengers who use Sound Transit services, including passengers who use assistive technology or who do not have access to smartphones.
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Self-Checkout Kiosks for Pueblo City-County Library District
  • Poway Unified School District — REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS POINT OF SALE (POS) SYSTEM RFP 2022-07 — Poway Unified School District (PUSD) is seeking responses for a preferred provider of software and implementation services to include a point-to-point full-featured Web-Based Point-Of-Sales (POS) System. The
    proposed integrated software (hereinafter referred to as “the proposed software”) and corresponding services that may commence as a result of this RFP, will utilize the latest standards, design, and technologies to provide PUSD with, at a minimum, the following:
  • Elotouch Accutouch (equivalents solicited) — 2780-DST-LG_ELO_Touch_Screen_Monitors
  • Hillsborough County Schools is soliciting qualified vendors for the Installation / Removal of Flat Panel Televisions and Interactive Panels. – service ITQ_2777_Posted
  • SMART LOCKERS FOR THE SAN JOSE PUBLIC LIBRARY PUR-RFB2021.08.10095 — Bibliotheca won this one

November 2021

  • Fall River Housing Authority
  • DIA Denver International Airport multiple wayfinding RFPs issued
  • Big child support payment kiosk project
  • Payment kiosk project in Michigan
  • Continuing hoteling project
  • Payment kiosk+ in California


  • Payment Kiosk Broward
  • Visitor Kiosks Pinella
  • Las Cruces wants 2400 75″ interactive screens

July 2021

  • Internet kiosks for Maryland response date is 7/7/2021 2pm
  • Parking payment kiosks in Arizona
  • The city of Houston looking for a maintenance company for it HIGI units
  • Digital signage project for hospital (Jackson Health)

June 2021

    • Big internet kiosk RFI for DMV related released today. They called and talked to us first.
    • Digital signage for State Department and Ho Chi Minh City
    • Bill payment kiosk deal
    • Outdoor digital signage
    • VA wants temperature tablets with stands (specific brand)
    • 20 others

May 2021

    • Fort Wayne Bill Pay kiosks
    • Georgia Temperature Kiosks
    • Rental kiosks
    • Multiple self-checkout library projects (open to all)
    • Denton bill payment kiosks for city utility bill pay
    • Public Space Digital Kiosks — 22 Outdoor 55 inch dual-sided kiosks for public and tourists
    • DuPage Temperature Kiosks – looking for quote on temperature scanners for crowds (good luck…)
    • Big digital signage bid in New York
    • PPE Vending Kiosk (first we have seen)
    • Multiple library check-out kiosks, generally RFiD
  • April 2021
    • The big deal in the background these days is the 1600 units (fairly loaded) for government.  Interesting to see the UL requirements and the ADA requirements
    • Print Kiosks (65) RFP
    • Smart City projects in Long Beach
    • CUSS Kiosk software support for Tampa
    • State of California – huge deal for payment processing devices (PADs) especially in transit. Accelerating EMV across 300 transit agencies. One baseline California is using is from UK Finance.  UK-Finance-Contactless-Transit-EMV-Framework
  • December 2020
  • September 2020
    • U.S. Navy Miramar Evaluating Smart City Technology
    • FEMA — FEMA’s Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (OCAO) will conduct temperature screening for all individuals entering FEMA facilities asan added protective measure as recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and required by the General Services Administration (GSA) for leased facilities. In addition to the response efforts, we are planning for when staff return to work and the need to quickly screen personnel with an automated no-touch standalone device thermal screening device that will determine the temperature of the individual. These kiosks will not require anyone to manually take the temperature.
  • July 2020
    • Navy bid request for temperature screening kiosks
    • Boston Logan queuing system
    • 11 new telehealth projects (including Veterans Affairs)
    • VHA Mobile Client for Patient Check-in
    • Minneapolis digital signage
    • New Jersey temperature kiosks
    • DFW Touchscreen Computers (225) – DFW Touchscreen Computer qty 225 p3_282158
  • June 2020
    • Internet kiosks for Maryland DMV
    • Kansas payment kiosks
    • Flat planels
  •  November
  • October
    • Slabbkiosk or Equivalent
    • KioWare Kiosk Software
    • CO RTD Enhancements (Transit Shelters)
    • Dulles Airport
    • Santa Monico Digital Outdoor
    • Fresno Telemedicine
  • Sep 2019
    • Albany NY Snap Kiosks for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — The department is looking for qualified vendors to provide them with kiosks for self service access to their supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) as per the scope of services Buyer?s Requirements General Requirements:
    • Nassau County – Ticket Vending Kiosks
    • Dallas County Inmate Kiosks
    • Rockland Slabb Kiosk or equivalent (visitor management)
    • Offender Kiosk
    • Inmate Kiosk Florida
    • Duluth Passenger Kiosks
    • NY Digital Signage
    • Parking Kiosks California
    • iPad Kiosk Stands
  • Aug 2019
    • Philadelphia Cash Kiosk
    • Michigan Jury Kiosks
    • NY Queue Management
    • Texas Digital Signage
    • Texas Shared Use Kiosks
    • Digital Signage Orlando Airport
    • California Welcome Center Kiosks
    • Digital Signage Ocean Center
    • Lottery Terminals Iowa
    • Outdoor display Maine
  • July 2019
    • Orlando Smart City
    • Digital Signage Florida
    • Florida Wayfinding Digital Signage
    • Larimer Inmate Services
  • June 2019
    • Smart kiosks Milwaukee
    • Telehealth California
    • Common Use Airport Atlanta
    • Vancouver Bill Payment terminals
    • Videowall in Fresno
    • Minnesota Ticketing
    • Oakland Wayfinding
    • SF Kiosk visitor management
    • Mass Notification bids (50+)
    • Michigan DMV Kiosks
    • Inmates Visitation
    • Lottery kiosk
  • May 2019
    • Smart City Orlando
    • Voting Machines
    • California Interactive Kiosks
    • Arkansas Ticketing
  • April 2019
    • Ticketing Arizona
    • Digital Signage Catoosa
    • Queue Colorado
    • Queue Hawaii
    • Vending kiosk Maryland (DMVs)
    • Postal Lockers
  • March 2019
  • Feb 2019
    • Med Dispense
    • Check-In Kiosks for San Mateo
    • Check-In Kiosks for Minnesota
    • Smart City Chula
    • Cleveland RTA
    • Print Kiosks for the Alamo
    • Public Assistance Monroe County
    • Multiple digital signage
  • Jan 2019
    • Santa Clara Emergency Notification Kiosks
    • Smart City – Sarasota
    • Lockers in St. Louis
    • 7 or 8 Digital Signage projects
  • December 2018
    • DHS ICE
    • VA Health Check
    • California CUSS kiosks
    • Washington Lottery RMU
    • CA Micromarket
    • La-Z-Boy
    • CONNs
  • November 2018
    • Campus ID System
    • Canada Registration Kiosks
    • Cemetary System
    • KY Digital Signage
    • TX Patient Kiosks
    • RFPs so far Nov9th

      RFP listing so far

      Example of actual RFPs from 11/1/2018 to 11/9/2018

  • October 2018
    • Oregon Lottery
    • Wayfinding Rochester
    • NY Lobby Kiosks
    • Alabama Kiosks Addendums
    • CA Interactive Kiosks
    • TX Laptop Vending
    • VA Medical Sources Sought
  • September 2018
  • August 2018
    • Colorado Digital Signage
    • Meckleburg Digital Signage
    • Brig Entertainment Kiosks – Federal
    • Alabama Lobby Kiosks
    • Digital signage Omaha
    • Kansas Bill for Courthouse
    • another 15 or so
  • Jul 2018
    • Digital Interactive Kiosks for Detroit
    • Honolulu Digital Signage
    • Digital Signage Illinois
    • Northern Colorado Digital Signage
    • Biometric Federal
    • Chicago Kiosks
    • Another 20 or so
  • Jun 2018
    • Kansas City Comprehensive Smart City Partnership with Kansas City, Missouri. The City seeks to partner with a firm to provide a fully integrated suite of sensors, networks, and data and analytics platforms that will result in the City becoming the first true Smart City in the world. Due Date: 7/31/2018
    • Alaska outdoor digital payment
    • Army QFlow
    • NY DMV
    • Orlando Transportation RFP
    • Numerous corrections & visitations
  • May 2018
    • St. Louis — new due date of March 2019
    • Orange County LED Smart Touch Displays – link
    • Alabama Lobby Kiosks
    • US Marshals Biometric kiosk
    • North Carolina Wake ID kiosks
    • CT MicroMarket RFP
    • Numerous corrections & visitations
  • April 2018 
    • Alberta loyalty promo awarded (Blake Jarrett won)
    • Chicago parking
    • Henrico jail
    • Texas DMV queuing
    • Minnesota self-ticketing
    • Charleston Intelligent Lockers
    • Charleston mobile ticketing example — Mobile-Ticketing
    • Utility payment (no kiosks) example —  Peoria
  • March 2018
    • West Hollywood Smart Pilot
    • Rockville Bill pay
    • Texas Tech printing kiosks
    • Big cross-country inmate RFP out of Nevada
    • Jeffco digital touchscreen kiosks
    • Multiple wayfinding projects
  • Feb 2018
    • California Payment Services
    • Automated Passport Control Kiosks
    • Coachella Utility Bill payment kiosks
  • January 2018
    • Charlotte Digital Information Kiosks – extended (see Smart City Update page).
    • Atlanta Digital Information Kiosks – extended
    • City of Tacoma Remote Pay —  The Council planned to approve the following: Award: Remote Pay Station Kiosks Vendor: Citybase, Inc., Chicago, IL Amount: $339,902.00, Plus $62,656 annually for three years for implementation and support $527,870.00. Other bidders: KIOSK and TIO
  • December (2017 partial)
    • Monroe Community College – is seeking proposals related to website accessibility auditing. The College has entered into a voluntary resolution agreement with the Office of Civil Rights related to the accessibility of its website. As part of this agreement, the College needs to engage the services of a corporation or an individual to audit the College’s content and functionality on the website, including, but not limited to, the home page, all subordinate pages, and intranet pages and sites, to identify any online content or functionality that is inaccessible to persons with disabilities.
    • We added Charlotte Smart City to smart city update
    • We added New Jersey to smart city update
  • November (2017 partial)

Examples of best practice in RFP generation.

  1. The RFP Big List—Top Ten
  2. The Right Team: Are all key business function areas represented
  3. The Right Problem: What problem are you solving for the customer?
  4. The Right Process: for ROI, Business Case Analysis
  5. A Systematic Needs Assessment Process
  6. Pre Procurement Discussions, RFI Process with Select Vendors
  7. The Right Process for Procurement/RFP Specifications
  8. Pick the Right Vendor(s): How to compare apples and oranges
  9. Balanced Negotiation Process/A Fair Contract
  10. Project Management Best Practices
  11. Plan for On-Going Vendor Management, Monitoring, Upgrades

Reference:  Kiosk-RFP-2007-Richardson-RFPtal

Historically it can be interesting and educational looking at past RFPs.