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Kiosk RFPRequests for kiosk RFP projects and proposals come out all the time. Here at Kiosk Industry Group we track and list some of them. Included are current Kiosk RFPs and also completed RFPs for Kiosks, ATMs, and Digital Signage (aka Digital Sign).  Sponsors at medium to high level on the site get advance notice + details + this listing is just a highlights summary.

Here are some of the recent Kiosk RFPs and Digital Signage RFPs by date. Check the digital signage and smart city pages for those RFPs.

      • Jun 2018
        • Kansas City Comprehensive Smart City Partnership with Kansas City, Missouri. The City seeks to partner with a firm to provide a fully integrated suite of sensors, networks, and data and analytics platforms that will result in the City becoming the first true Smart City in the world. Due Date: 7/31/2018
        • Alaska outdoor digital payment
        • Army QFlow
        • NY DMV
        • Orlando Transportation RFP
        • Numerous corrections & visitations
      • May 2018
        • St. Louis — new due date of March 2019
        • Orange County LED Smart Touch Displays – link
        • Alabama Lobby Kiosks
        • US Marshals Biometric kiosk
        • North Carolina Wake ID kiosks
        • CT MicroMarket RFP
        • Numerous corrections & visitations
      • April 2018 
        • Alberta loyalty promo awarded (Blake Jarrett won)
        • Chicago parking
        • Henrico jail
        • Texas DMV queuing
        • Minnesota self-ticketing
        • Charleston Intelligent Lockers
        • Charleston mobile ticketing example — Mobile-Ticketing
        • Utility payment (no kiosks) example —  Peoria
      • March 2018
        • West Hollywood Smart Pilot
        • Rockville Bill pay
        • Texas Tech printing kiosks
        • Big cross-country inmate RFP out of Nevada
        • Jeffco digital touchscreen kiosks
        • Multiple wayfinding projects
      • Feb 2018
        • California Payment Services
        • Automated Passport Control Kiosks
        • Coachella Utility Bill payment kiosks
      • January 2018
        • Charlotte Digital Information Kiosks – extended (see Smart City Update page).
        • Atlanta Digital Information Kiosks – extended
        • City of Tacoma Remote Pay —  The Council planned to approve the following: Award: Remote Pay Station Kiosks Vendor: Citybase, Inc., Chicago, IL Amount: $339,902.00, Plus $62,656 annually for three years for implementation and support $527,870.00. Other bidders: KIOSK and TIO
      • December (2017 partial)
        • Monroe Community College – is seeking proposals related to website accessibility auditing. The College has entered into a voluntary resolution agreement with the Office of Civil Rights related to the accessibility of its website. As part of this agreement, the College needs to engage the services of a corporation or an individual to audit the College’s content and functionality on the website, including, but not limited to, the home page, all subordinate pages, and intranet pages and sites, to identify any online content or functionality that is inaccessible to persons with disabilities.
        • We added Charlotte Smart City to smart city update
        • We added New Jersey to smart city update
      • November (2017 partial)
    • ——————————–
    • October (2017 partial)
      • CSP Micro Market Kiosks
      • Orange County Digital Signage
      • Sarasota Free Standing
      • Fifty Walk In Payment Location
    • ——————————–
    • September  (2017 partial)
      • Spokane Digital Sign SOlutions
      • JEA Walk In Payment
      • Wichita Library
      • Brig for Navy
      • NC Tax Payment kiosks
      • Atlanta Citizens Kiosks (Smart City stuff)
      • Virginia EMR Wall kiosks
      • Harris County Queue kiosks
      • Oregon Lockers
      • VA
      • Roosevelt Banking Kiosks
    • ——————————–
    • August  (2017 partial)
      • Klamath Fall Digital Signage
      • Cleveland Transit Kiosks
      • CIVIQ ADvance info
      • Fort Polk Lobby KIosks
      • Navy Tablets
      • VA Ohio
      • Texas Payment kiosk
      • Vetlink in Denver
      • Delaware Automated Payment
    • ——————————–
    • July  (2017 partial)
      • San Diego Wayfing
      • Missouri Court Rooms
      • IHS Modernization
      • Boston Bill Payment
      • Utah Telehealth
      • Seattle Parking
      • Illinois Commissary
      • Army kiosk machine
      • Ohio Offender Check-in
    • JUNE  (2017 partial)
      • Virginia Lockers
      • Utah Parking
      • SFO Wayfinding
      • Minneapolis Digital Signage
      • Riverside Bikeshare
      • New Hanpshire prison
      • Sandusky digital signage
      • Colorado VA Vetlink
      • Pine Bluff Library
      • Wayland Digital Signage
      • Ohio marijuana
      • Broward InfoKiosks
      • Sarasota Info Kiosks
      • MASS DOT DMVs
      • Sacremento
      • Erie County Library
      • Delaware Corrections
      • Memphis
      • Atlanta
      • Newark International Airport
    • MAY  (2017 partial)
      • VA Bid
      • Tacoma
      • San Antonio
      • Richmond
      • Mount Vernon
      • Delaware Library
      • DART
    • APRIL  (2017 partial)
      • SF MTA Next Generation
      • Santa Clara
      • Sunny Isles
      • 5/19 DART digital technoogy
      • 5/19 Miami Beach
      • 5/6 SSA
      • 5/6 WMATA kiosks
      • 12/2 South Carolina – digital signage software Industry Weapon — industry-weapon-uscu-rfq-1121-tc
      • November included San Diego, Denver Public Schools, Texas, Brunswick & Bruce County.
    • 10/12 The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) is exploring opportunities to not only replace the existing fare payment system, but to expand options for making payments by means other than cash through a mobile application. It is the intent of KCATA to test other fare payment methods in a pilot program
    • 10/5 State of Indiana digital signage 041rfp
    • 10/5 Raleigh NC digital signage ad-goraleighdigitaldisplaysofware
    • 9/30 Scala Digital Signage 517-003-scala-digital-signage-solutions
    • 9/10/16 VIP Kiosks for SSA [awarded to Gibco]
    • 8/31 West Point Digital Signs PWS
    • 7/21 Digital Signage Content Management City of Pittsburg – Link
    • 6/27 Air Force Food Ordering (airforce-2016-06-27)
    • 6/9 APC Kiosks (20 of them)
    • 6/8 World Food Programme and IRIS scanning pay voucher systems in Jordan. Interesting. Draft of EOI – Jordan
    • 6/6 Judicial System requesting info for wayfinding and intereactive kiosks on West Coast.
    • 6/3 Reissue of Johnson County Motor Vehicle DMV RFP. Two units (2016-024_RFP_MV_Kiosk_FINAL[1])
    • 5/25 Denver Public Library – first release here — digital signage outdoor – Denver Public Library Kiosk RFP 2016
    • 5/16 – MTA/New York City Transit is seeking a Systems Integrator to design, furnish, install, test, integrate and implement an account-based new fare payment and collection system based on open bank card payment industry standards that will utilize contactless media, including contactless smart cards and mobile devices. The solicitation also includes a number of contract options for providing related equipment and services. The New Fare Payment System (NFPS) will replace the current MetroCard fare payment system for both subway and bus operations. Proposers shall furnish proposals with supporting documentation to be evaluated on the following criteria: 1) Technical Proposal and Overall Technical Qualification 2) Overall Project Cost 3) Other Relevant Matters For additional info please visit: hr
    • 5/9 Bill Presentment City of Dover Bill Pay Example RFP
    • 5/9 Central Washington University Digital Signage CWU-RFP 16-008
    • 4/20 Enterprise Digital Signage System for Mississippi State University.  LINK
    • 4/19 Airline Credit Card Kiosk – Automated Airline Branded Credit Card Kiosk
    • 4/19 Free Standing Kiosk – Orange County –  042-C010178-AD-_FREE-STANDING_KIOSK
    • 4/19 Florida Ferry Kiosks – Ferry-Synopsis
    • 4/19 Payment System Georgia Schools – PUR 431-1516 PAYMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM
    • 4/12/16 NY City Metro Transit Fare Payment
    • 4/12/16 Digital Signage FBO Nuclear Summit
    • 4/1/16 Notice to Award – NYC-Automon-Kiosk
    • 2/19/16 – USDC16_AV272016_A2_REVISED Court California [180 or so units]
    • 02/15/16 – Chicago Oak Park Wayfinding system link
    • 02/15/16 – Full service wayfinding Canada RFP Wayfinding RFP Wayfinding Signage 2016.Final
    • 02/10/16 — Washington DC Bid for DTD  & SIT.
    • 02/08/16 – USDC16 US District Courts California Digital Signage
    • 12/21 NASA Space Center Landscape directory [nasa-01]
    • 12/17 Camrose Signage  CityWayfindingMasterplan
    • 12/17  University of Kentucky Signage uk-1645-16
    • 12/4 Amtrak bid has not yet been awarded.
    • 12/4 MARTA 18 kiosk $180K Award to Sharp Business Systems
    • 12/2 Digital Signage North Carolina Halifax College 12/28 Bid open [link]
    • 12/2/15 SF Bart Wayfinding Phase III – $7.5M total Bids till 12/8 [doc]
    • 10/29: Digital Signage Library of Congress RFI DigitalSignageLOC
    • 10/26: Department of Veterans Affairs VA69D-16-Q-0109-000 Wayfinding at Hospital
    • 10/26: 1207-067RFP Wayfinding – Frisco Texas
    • 10/08: Dallas Independent School District ISD Digital Signage request  Dallas-ISD-RFP
    • 10/5: Interactive Patient Wayfinding kiosk VA69D-16-Q-0021-000
    • 10/5: State of Louisiana Veterans Cemetery Kiosk
    • 09/16: USAF Wayfinding Kiosk and Digital Sign
    • 09/16: Army Branded Kiosks ARMY_BRAND_KIOSK_SPECIFICATIONS
    • Fort Knox Army documents-zipfile
    • Logan Airport Digital Signage Fourwinds – digital signage link
    • Port of Los Angeles Digital Signage –  RFP_Digital_Signage_System(1)
    • Florida Bill Pay 20 units Cayenta – link
    • Florida Wayfinding Kiosk RFP — link
    • India Railways link
    • MARTA
    • AMTRAK

For current RFP and RFI you can visit our RFP page for sponsors.

Examples of best practice in RFP generation.

  1. The RFP Big List—Top Ten
  2. The Right Team: Are all key business function areas represented
  3. The Right Problem: What problem are you solving for the customer?
  4. The Right Process: for ROI, Business Case Analysis
  5. A Systematic Needs Assessment Process
  6. Pre Procurement Discussions, RFI Process with Select Vendors
  7. The Right Process for Procurement/RFP Specifications
  8. Pick the Right Vendor(s): How to compare apples and oranges
  9. Balanced Negotiation Process/A Fair Contract
  10. Project Management Best Practices
  11. Plan for On-Going Vendor Management, Monitoring, Upgrades

Reference:  Kiosk-RFP-2007-Richardson-RFPtal

Historically it can be interesting and educational looking at past RFPs.

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