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By | April 24, 2024
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Parcel Locker for Consumers and Employees

About Parcel Locker — AĀ parcel lockerĀ is essentially a lockable storage box where packages can be left and stored for collection.Ā They are secure, self-service storage units designed for package management until the package recipient is ready to pick them up.Ā Parcel lockers are used for larger packages that will not fit inside a traditional mailbox, cluster box unit, or PO box.

One example of a parcel locker system is theĀ USPSĀ® Smart Lockers.Ā These are electronic, keyless parcel lockers that provide a safe, secure, and convenient package delivery and returns alternative for both package recipients and shippers4.Ā USPS Smart Lockers are currently being installed in Post Office lobby locations across the country, giving many package recipients 24/7 access to retrieve their package.Ā USPS anticipates that over 500+ Smart Locker locations will be available by Summer 2024.

A current configuration available is 296 cells with Windows. Includes accessibility devices.Ā  Under $20KĀ  – email [email protected] if interested

Hereā€™s how USPS Smart Lockers work:

  • They support direct-to-locker deliveries, redeliveries, and oversized PO Boxā„¢ļø packages4.
  • You can retrieve your package after you receive the first email with a six-digit access code or a QR code4.
  • The package is kept in the locker for 5 calendar days; you will be sent 2 reminder emails during that time.
  • After 5 days, you will receive a final email that the code has expired and the package has been removed from the locker and must be picked up at the Post Office retail window.

In the near future, updates will enable customers to utilize Smart Lockers for Returns as well. For more information on Smart Lockers and answers to FAQs, please visit theĀ USPS Smart Locker FAQ page.


Military Lockers

These are 5mm

military lockers

military lockers



Healthcare Lockers

Interesting iteration of clothing lockers in the healthcare field for surgeons.

Here is a surgeon “checking in”

Here is restocking

More pictures

Parcel Locker

Parcel Locker Blue

Parcel Locker

Parcel Locker White

Tour of Different Lockers


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From LinkedIn

It’s happening.

Three main reasons why DHL invested in an agnostic Parcel locker network.

The dream of agnostic Parcel Locker Networks is becoming a reality.

Despite the success of carrier-specific networks, it’s time for a change.

And now, DHL has invested in a separate spin-off, OneStopBox, to build an agnostic network in Germany.

I had a very interesting discussion with the CEO of OneStopBox Lukas Beckedorff you can watch it here –
but we agreed we would not touch on topics related to DHL.

And we didn’t.

But nothing stops me from speculating here why DHL did it.

The main reason is that DHL cannot turn itself into an agnostic network. You can open yourself to competitors but you cannot become agnostic – it will be related to the DHL logistics and brand image.

Second – carriers have no obstacles to pay for the Parcel Locker usage to a competitor. Money is not a problem. The problem is always data -data of your clients and retailers. No carrier is easily surrendering its client’s data to a competitor.

Third – There are limits to carrier growth- you can not serve the majority of retailers in the market. So the only option to grow your total market share is to take it from your competitors. If not fully then partly for the handover. What you can not do with carrier-specific networks.

From that perspective is very clear and understandable why DHL made this move to grow its overall market share with agnostic network.

Hope OneStopBox will be successful.

Our industry needs more positive heroes like InPost and Vinted Go

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