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Samsung Kiosk – All-In-One Self-Service Solution for Retailers

Samsung Kiosk ROI From Samsung Nice writeup on the benefits and features of the Samsung kiosk for self-order and restaurants. For more information you can email [email protected] Published Nov 8, 2021By: Davina van Buren 6 ways Samsung Kiosk gives retailers an all-in-one self-service solution from Samsung Business USA Self-service retail solutions have been gaining popularity for years, and COVID-19… Read More »

ADA Accessibility Kiosk Legal Actions

ADA Accessibility Kiosk Legal Action This page on legal actions in self-service and related is a running log with personal commentary on legal, privacy and patent situations which impact unattended self-service.  We keep track of legal news that affects the unattended self-service market.  One of the best articles to monitor is Kiosk Accessibility: The Law is Paying Attention… Read More »

McDonalds Coates Group Announcement – DMBs

Coates McDonald’s Digital Menu Boards CMS Announcement by Coates Group on PRNewswire. We tend to be data driven and it would be nice to see some formal confirmation from McDonalds on exactly how this deal is structured, company owned versus franchisees, global versus country. In Brief Coates calls itself “global technology company specializing in digital merchandising solutions” Coates… Read More »

Kiosk Mobile App for Open Omaha Event by Nanonation

Kiosks Mobile App News Lincoln, NE August 19, 2022: Nanonation, a leading public space interactive, and digital signage solutions provider, is pleased to announce that Nanonation and Omaha by Design partnered to create an app for an event geared toward exploring the spaces that shape the city of Omaha. The inaugural event, Open Omaha, was facilitated by Omaha by Design,… Read More »

Kiosk Engineering Examples – Real Life – Video

Airport Kiosks Engineering Example – CLEAR Kiosks It’s good to see videos on LinkedIn by companies showing “what’s behind the curtain” so to speak. Most times people see the kiosk and discount the internal engineering and design that takes place. Serviceability, training and maintenance are huge factors in a long term self-service deployment. Part of the evolutionary process… Read More »

DSE Tradeshow – Digital Signage Experience 2022 Agenda

DSE Digital Signage Experience Update DSE Tradeshow aka Digital Signage Experience explores every aspect of digital and interactive display technology, from concept and design to content and analytics. No matter what business you’re in or where you are on the adoption curve, the DSE tradeshow caters to your needs right now, providing access to hundreds of leading vendors of digital display,… Read More »

Samsung Displays, Restaurant Displays – Gold Sponsor

Samsung Restaurant Displays, Outdoor and Kiosks We welcome Samsung as our latest Gold Sponsor.  For more information you can email [email protected] Recommended Links Big Special is 75″ Interactive for classrooms (buy now link) — there is a page for interactive classroom products The Restaurant and QSR section is quite extensive Shop the Wall microLED display QLED 8K Signage… Read More »

Elatec RFID Reader Kiosks Catalog

RFID Readers Kiosks 2022 One of our members is ELATEC and RFID Reader for Kiosks, Self-Service, Employees and Warehousing is their business, and has been for 34 years. We’ve used and quoted their readers hundreds of times (figure $150 or less).  Chris Corsbie is our member representative and we want to introduce their product line (albeit somewhat condensed… Read More »

Kiosk Privacy Is About To Get Far More Complicated – Feature

Kiosk Privacy and HIPAA Kiosks are a highly effective way to interact with customers, but in healthcare settings, they must be handled carefully to avoid compliance, privacy and cybersecurity problems.  [Feature image by Pyramid Computer] Sometimes, the mere existence of a kiosk at a certain location can itself reveal potentially protected and sensitive information. Consider a kiosk that… Read More »

CREATE Restaurant Event – Free Pass ($500 value)

Restaurant Technology Tradeshow Denver Big return of CREATE to Denver. The Kiosk Association is a returning sponsor (three years now) –  Sponsors these year are Johnsonville, Coca-Cola, and Tyson.  Supporting sponsors include Revel, Stratcache, the Kiosk Association (KMA), Keurig/Dr. Pepper and Presto to name some. Date: September 19-21, 2022 Location: Sheraton Denver Are you a restaurant executive wanting… Read More »

Kiosk Components – How To Select Best Practice Olea

Picking Kiosk Peripheral Devices From the Olea Kiosks news blog Looking to add some peripherals to your self-service kiosk? This informational guide breaks down everything you need to know.  For more information you can always email [email protected] Commonly requested kiosk peripherals include: Printers Microphones Speakers Fingerprint readers Web cameras Barcode code scanners Magnetic strip readers Payment processors RFID… Read More »