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By | September 23, 2020

Kiosk Worker Catalog Multi-Vendor

Westminster, CO September 2020 — The Kiosk Association (KMA) is proud to announce the first multi-vendor kiosk solution catalog for COVID-related kiosk “worker” solutions. Over twenty different solutions related to COVID, Temperature Scanning, CDC Health Screening, Automatic Hand Sanitizers, software, ADA consulting and services are available for purchase. CAKCEK, our authorized distributor, has been actively bidding this catalog of solutions in various RFPs in the SLED and Federal markets. Put qualified technology to work for you.

Compliance Issues

Temperature kiosks come with a Certificate of Compliance regarding sensor accuracy. They are designed and manufactured by members which meet the KMA ADA conformance requirements in ADA, Accessibility, FDA, and PCI to name some of the relevant regulatory issues. Kiosks solutions manufactured primarily in the US are available.  Members from the UK and Germany with offices in the U.S. also are available.

CAKCEK has been established as the authorized distributor for KMA conformance solutions. The owner of CAKCEK, Craig Keefner says, “We’ve been monitoring the temperature and thermal imaging market closely. The proliferation of Chinese-origin devices with undisclosed components both software and hardware into this market has been disconcerting at best. Almost all of those units come with facial recognition, artificial intelligence, and a general inattention to regulatory and legal issues. This raises serious liability issues, especially for healthcare-oriented deployments, down the road as well as the general health concerns of false positives. By offering a catalog of KMA approved choices our first priority is to inform and educate buyers in the marketplace.”

Kiosk “Workers” Available

  • Temperature Scanning Kiosks
    • Low pixel count entry-level with medical-grade sensors
    • Medium pixel count mid-level systems
    • High-end thermal imaging systems which are FDA-certified
    • Systems include quantity pricing and Lease options
    • Repurposing options provided
    • Digital signage options provided
    • Smart City kiosk options
    • Countertop, Stand-up, Sit-down and Wall-Mount configurations
    • Microsoft Surface Tablet Options
    • iPad options
  • CDC Screening Stations
    • CDC Recommended Health Screening kiosk options
  • Sanitizer Kiosks
    • Heavy duty cycle sanitizer dispense systems
    • Standup systems
    • Countertop systems
    • Standup system including digital signage
  • Software Only Solutions
    • NoTouch Touchless Software (Android and Windows)
    • Digital signage options (some portable and outdoors)
    • Secure lockdown software KioWare, Sitekiosk and Esper are available for purchase
    • JAWS accessibility software for Windows is available
  • Warranty and Service
    • Standard one year warranty on all systems
    • Sanitizer kiosks come with 2-year warranty
    • All original manuals are in English. Chinese not available.
    • Training and Train the Trainer Available
    • White-Glove Project Coverage
  • Consulting
    • ADA and Accessibility consulting company packages
    • PCI EMV consulting company packages
  • Country of Origin
    • USA
    • Canada (sanitizer kiosks)
    • Germany and UK units are also available though we expect those will soon have manufacturing in the US
  • Additions going into catalog

FAQ Questions

Our brochure includes a set of 23 questions that you should be asking before any purchase. Examples include:

  1. Many Chinese kiosks facial recognition use blacklisted Chinese tech firms.  This is a distinct liability for deployers in health care industry.
  2.  Chinese-made relabeled units are marked up anywhere from 100% to 600% and can be reviewed at Alibaba. 
  3. Have you read the FDA enforcement letter and understand it? We have a FAQ. It appears that the window of forgiveness is starting to contract introducing liabilities
  4. We recommend opinion post on Chinese software for more background.

Security Issues

Most of the Chinese-origin units employ facial recognition in concert with inexpensive thermopile temperature sensor. The technology employs algorithms and server connections from blacklisted Chinese tech firms such as Dahua and HKVision. This brings privacy concerns to the forefront.

How To Purchase

  1. Your first option is for CAKCEK to connect you with the partner product you wish to purchase. You arrange the purchase directly with them.
  2. You purchase from CAKCEK. We process the order and manage it for you.
  3. If desired you can purchase direct from the partner but CAKCEK will remain involved as a point of coordination.

Contact Us

You can email [email protected] for more info or complete the form here indicating your interest.¬† We offer primarily to the SLED and Federal market for now.

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Author: Staff Writer

Craig Keefner is the editor and author for Kiosk Association and kiosk industry. With over 30 years in the industry and experience in large and small kiosk solutions, Craig is widely considered to be an expert in the field. Major kiosk projects for him include Verizon Bill Pay kiosk and hundreds of others.