Peerless-AV® Launch of New SmartSpace Kiosk

By | March 31, 2020

Newest product is built to withstand life in other galaxies and inform intergalactic locals

AURORA, Ill. – April 1, 2020 – Peerless-AV®, an award-winning designer and manufacturer of the highest quality audio and video solutions and accessories, is pleased to announce the introduction of the new SmartSpace product line with the launch of the New SmartSpace Kiosk.

The new customized SmartSpace Kiosk (SPC2556) can withstand any weather conditions, making it perfect for the drastic weather shifts on the moon. With interactive displays to disseminate important information about current gravity conditions, important NASA launch news, as well as to direct residents to the nearest lifeform.

“While this may be one small step for Peerless-AV as well as the digital signage and AV community, this is one giant leap for our lunar locals. We are thrilled to partner with Peerless-AV to enhance our community – especially as we have been envious of Earth’s many digital signage offerings,” said Ed Extraterrestrial, Moon Mayor. “These new displays are an innovative and dependable solution to keep our residents informed about the latest lifeforms to visit our planet, galactic black hole advisories, crater wayfinding, and more .”

The AV designing and manufacturing company plans to expand its Space collection at the end of 2020 with the addition of a SmartSpace Flat Panel Cart (SP560MN) and a SPACELESS Program to help the locals with their installation needs.  With the addition of the SmartSpace Kiosk and upcoming full SmartSpace product line, Peerless-AV is setting sights on brand expansion in the milky way and beyond with an ultimate goal to become the official digital signage and kiosk provider for outer space.

Unfortunately, these space-rated solutions will never be available through Peerless-AV’s direct sales representatives and authorized distribution network because….

April Fool’s!!!

While we don’t have immediate plans to expand into space, we do offer our fellow earthlings many other innovative, outdoor solutions, such as the award-winning Smart City Kiosks, UltraViewTM UHD Outdoor TVs, XtremeTM High Bright Outdoor Displays, and more.

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