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By | May 7, 2021
PVC Card Printers by Evolis

Evolis PVC Card Printer Update  – PVC Plastic Card Printer

PVC Card Printer solutions by Evolis are the most robust solutions available for unattended self-service. They come in open frame and are not your usual consumer desktop printer.  Being able to custom fit the usage cycle and load factor (quantity and speed) are important factors in self-service.  We have some videos on our youtube showing some of the more exotic unattended models.

Editors Note:  This article is a combination article. Evolis has provided the initial information however the article does include industry-wide information and even some historical (some might say hysterical) videos on the history of card printers, with focus on kiosk integrations (i.e. open-frame).

The demand for self-service kiosks has been rising over the past few years. Kiosks are used by banks, leisure and transport operators, universities and shops to meet growing consumer needs and expectations for instant, on-the-spot services, while also reducing operating and personnel costs.

PVC card printer

Click for full size — example PVC card printer model

Kiosks can also be configured to print plastic cards and to include a wider menu of services for users. The potential is enormous:

  • payment cards,
  • student cards
  • visitor badges
  • ski lift cards
  • and even gift cards

User Quote

“Due to the rapidly increasing number of students, we had to find a more optimal solution for the issuance of the student cards. Lack of space and personnel in the student offices led to the idea of self-service kiosks. We also wanted an innovative solution that not only replaced the old card but offered new functions to the students.” — Dr. Tamas Molnar, head of the campus card project, Universities of Berlin, Germany

The card creation modules offer a wide range of graphic and electronic personalization options using magnetic stripes, chips and contactless chips. The card modules are generally produced by a specialist in plastic card printing systems and then incorporated into the kiosks as an add-on by the kiosk manufacturers or system integrator.

Manufacturer’s ability to deliver tailor-made solutions

Try to work with card printer module manufacturers that have a proven track record of providing solid project back-up and developing any specific functions and features that may be called for.

Many times manufacturers’ standard products will not conform to specific constraints. This may happen with a project to upgrade existing client kiosks with incorporation of a card printer module, or in the instance of a new project. Examples include adapting the card exit slot, the connectivity, the number and dimensions of chargers, the reject box for defective cards or the software.

The manufacturer’s ability to upgrade with current and future developments – drawing on its network of technicians and a local support team – is crucial to establishing a relationship of trust with the integrator. Choose a manufacturer with an established reputation that offers tailor-made solutions
and the resources to provide support to the customer for their self-service kiosk project.

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Drivers for Plastic Card Printers

For more information on card printers visit Evolis.com or please email [email protected]

Other PVC Card Printer Manufacturers

Not to say there is only one manufacturer of card printers for kiosks out there. Sometimes it can make a difference if the driver support or the API is available in .NET or C#. Do you need Android or Apple or Windows. Windows is the usual path but it might make a difference to your in-house developers (or your outsourced developers).

Generally card printers come in a desktop version, and also a kiosk or open frame version. The open frame version is required as a general rule for kiosks if appearance, service and integration is high on your list.  Ideally your project gets used (a lot) and then of course you will need to replenish your stock.

Kiosk Enclosure Examples

It’s also worth a view to see how kiosk models evolve. Olea Kiosks makes the Austin which started out as relatively simple pedestal with touchscreen. That’s it…

Nowadays it has evolved to include a Card Encoder Dispenser, a passport reader and two touchscreens. Not sure which POS device that is.  You can see where the kiosk has what we call a “backpack” which allows mounting those devices (and letting them extend out the back)

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