Success Story – Museum Kiosk using Table Kiosk

By | April 21, 2016

Declaration of Independence Museum Kiosk

Purpose:  provide public interaction and access to Declaration

musuem table kiosk

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of Independence via a museum kiosk and more specifically a multitouch table kiosk to let visitors sit and use.

Client:  Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections

Application Development:  Jim Gibson of Gibson Design Associates working closely with University of Virginia Librarian Robert Perkins

Kiosk software:  KioWare Lite for Windows.  This software freed up the application developers to focus on the app and not have to worry about malicious users or visitors pushing wrong buttons.

Technical Details:

    • the hardware used is the Platform 46 Multitouch Coffee Table Kiosk
      museum table kiosk

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      by Ideum. The newest version is the Ideum Duet 46.

    • Application development used HTML 5, Javascript and CSS.
    • KioWare Lite secures the platform

User Experience: The application allows visitors to select The Road to Independence Timeline, The Documents Collection, The Signer’s Gallery, and a professionally-produced Declaring Independence Video. The exhibit allows the viewer to “handle” these priceless documents—zooming in to view the tiniest

Case Study Writer:  Author: Laura Boniello Miller, Date: April 2016

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