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By | May 7, 2024

Advanced Kiosks May Newsletter Highlights

Catch up with leading kiosk manufacturer and kiosk software provides Advanced Kiosks and Spring 2024 newsletter.

advanced kiosks

advanced kiosks

Highlights include our new FaceLock™ feature for our Kiosk Management Software Zamok™ – “Revolutionizing User Session Security In An AI-Driven World” – There is a great video as well on how the kiosk session data is protected.

Basically… If the user steps away from the kiosk, our software will run a countdown and delete the session data…if the user steps back into view, he/she can continue on with the session data intact. This feature is available to set up on any button on the kiosk.

Another new product highlight is our FormFlow which helps users fill out forms on the kiosk and sends that data to the recipient as a legal pdf…all filled out…as well as the form data itself. Legal forms delivered as a PDF in email filled out with type, not handwriting!

Also in the newsletter are a bunch of new installations. Hoping to get this into you before your next drop. Thanks a bunch!

Quick Snippets

  • Facelock — In an era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping self-service interactions, Advanced Kiosks® is pioneering the next step in user data protection with the launch of FaceLock™. As AI tools become integral to kiosks and public computers, enhancing everything from online ordering to complex form filling, the need for robust session security has never been greater. Howard Horn, President of Advanced Kiosks, highlights the innovation behind FaceLock: “We quickly realized that when using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the users of our self-service technology need better protections in place so that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is not left lingering on the computer or on the Internet. Hence, FaceLock was born.”

Olmsted County Rolls Out 11 Office Extensions

In a signficant step toward enhancing public service delivery, Olmsted County, Minnesota’s Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) has partnered with Advanced Kiosks to introduce an innovative self-service solution aimed at streamlining operations and improving customer experience.

Kiosk FormFlow

FormFlow refers to the logical sequence and design of forms within a self-service application. It encompasses the flow from one field to another, the layout of questions, and how information is collected and processed. Form Flow will even populate one of your existing PDF forms with the digitized answers created during the flow.

What Makes a Formflow Successful?

An optimal FormFlow design ensures that users can navigate through forms intuitively, inputting necessary information without confusion or frustration. It guides users through a seamless journey, making complex processes feel simple and manageable. It reduces cognitive load by presenting information and input fields in a logical order, minimizing the likelihood of errors and the need for corrections.


  • Bridgewater, CT – Tribute Station Memorial Kiosk Installation

    We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to the Bridgewater, CT Veterans Memorial – the Tribute Station Memorial Kiosk.

    Bridgewater needed an interface not just to display the service categories, but to also display all of the conflicts their local heroes participated in. Advanced Kiosks customized their interface to address this issue.

    Through intuitive navigation, users can easily explore, via service, name, or conflict, and pay homage to the brave individuals who have served our nation with valor and dedication.

    This advanced technology not only enhances the accessibility of information but also ensures that the stories and sacrifices of our veterans remain vividly remembered and cherished by generations to come.

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  • Montgomery County, VA Visitor Management

    Montgomery County, Virginia, has taken a significant step forward in enhancing visitor experiences by integrating a cutting-edge pedestal kiosk into their building lobby.

    This custom interface kiosk, developed by Advanced Kiosks, serves as a dynamic visitor directory, enabling guests to effortlessly access contact details and locations of personnel within the building.

    It’s a move that not only streamlines the visitor check-in process but also exemplifies the county’s commitment to leveraging technology for more efficient public service.


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