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Frank Mayer Kiosks

It all began when a 16-year-old Frank G. Mayer rode his bike around his hometown, hand-painting signs on windows – Sunday specials, daily hours, weekly sales. Word of his dependability and hard work spread quickly through town, and it wasn’t long before he had a backlog of signs to paint.

As his business grew, Frank found his passion as an entrepreneur. After mastering window painting, he developed a screen-printing process that sped up the operation and led to happier clients. He hired additional help, set up shop, and in 1931, Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. was officially born.

Merchandise Display Bubba

BUBBA Retail Merchandise Display Manufacturer of angling equipment, BUBBA came to Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. with several guidelines to consider when developing merchandising display designs, including a design that would fit a small retail footprint, a look that endorsed the sport fishing lifestyle, and imagery that could be easily updated in the field. The company also required… Read More »

People : Pete Balistrieri joins Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.

Pete Balistrieri joins Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. as Account Executive  Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. June 21, 2018 Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.’s newest account executive Pete Balistrieri brings more than two decades of experience working with global brands on integrated marketing campaigns.  His extensive understanding of targeted brand strategies and consumer preferences allows him to partner with… Read More »

Gold Sponsor News – Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.

FRANK MAYER AND ASSOCIATES, INC. NEW GOLD SPONSOR OF KIOSK MANUFACTURER ASSOCIATION Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. will experience added benefits as new Kiosk Manufacturer Association gold member. GRAFTON, WI – A longstanding member of the Kiosk Manufacturer Association (KMA), Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. recently upgraded to gold membership status. The new sponsorship level includes participation in… Read More »

Whitepaper – Determining ROI for Merchandising Displays and Interactive Kiosks

Introduction A recent article from The Business Journals sums up a common retail challenge best when it states, “Successful new product launches are not to be taken for granted.” There’s supporting research behind that declaration. A 2013 white paper published in the Journal of Product Innovation & Management cites a study done by the Product Development & Management… Read More »

Spring 2018 Trade Show Recap

Spring 2018 Trade Show Recap Key takeaways from recent industry trade shows by Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. As trade show season starts winding down, we sat with Vice President of Business Development Joe Holley, Account Executive Carl Maglio, and SVP of Business Development Ron Bowers to discuss their immediate takeaways from three recent spring shows: The M-PACT Show, GlobalShop… Read More »