Thermoelectric Quarterly News : Winter 2018

By | December 14, 2017

Enclosure cooling and heating news from ThermoElectric Cooling America (TECA) Corporation.

Thermoelectric News : Winter 2018
Cooling innovations for heat-sensitive electronics & equipment

New Product Releases
We love listening to customers’ needs and pushing the limits of our designs. This is how we innovate .

An industry-first, unprecedented 4+ SQUARE FOOT plate surface!

Accomplish More
Cool or heat on a temperature controlled,
28.00 x 28.65 inch work surface. Useful in laboratory, manufacturing, and quality control processes, the AHP-5400CPV Cold/Hot Plate is as versatile as it is large. Offering 1,380 watts cooling capacity, the plate size can impressively handle multiple microplates, product materials or other samples. Customize it for your needs with available accessories. The largest of its kind, our customers’ needs inspired the size and design of the AHP-5400CPV — a great example of TECA’s customer service & product innovation.

Multi-Function Stir Plates!

Cool, Heat, Stir & Soak Samples.
Improved Design!

Ideal for laboratory, quality control testing and R&D applications, TECA is pleased to announce a second-generation design of our popular Stirring Hot/Cold Plates. Two sizes, the AHP-301MSP and AHP-1200MSP, can be used with multiple beaker sizes on the same platform with the sleeve accessory for quick, direct temperature control. Or, use the ice bucket accessory to create a cold or hot bath for your samples without the mess of water or ice. With either accessory, the stir mode maintains solution
mix when needed.

Product Line for Precise Temperature Control

Three mounting
style choices!

As thermoelectric enclosure cooler performance ratings have grown, there has been an increase in demand for thermoelectric cooling with precise thermal control. TECA is now offering a new series ofPrecise Temperature Control air conditioners (PCS Series thermoelectric air conditioners). Enabling the PCS Series are:

  • Built-in¬†TC-5300 PWM¬†temperature controller
  • Air sensing, precision three wire platinum RTD
  • USB communications port
  • tecaLOG¬†software for the end user to monitor temperature, adjust the set point, and tune the controller to enclosure specific requirements.

Application Note

Our purpose at TECA is to provide best-in-class products to meet and exceed our customers’ needs.

CID2 Enclosure Cooling for Gas Chromatography System
Falcon Analytical and TECA Corp. collaborated to find a suitable solution in a hazardous environment. By incorporating thermoelectric air conditioners from TECA into the Calidus Ultra Fast Gas Chromatography system, plant on-site installation became more economical.

TECA Air Conditioners shown here as a standard part of
Falcon Analytical Calidus Ultra Fast system. Falcon Analytical is an OEM specializing in gas chromatography solutions.

Our through mounted units intrude into the enclosure a few inches. When installed properly, a closed loop system is created. There is no exchange of ambient air and enclosure air. TECA includes proper mounting hardware and environmental gaskets with all air conditioners.

The AHP-1800 Series Air Conditioner is offered in a variety of configurations.

Falcon Analytical uses TECA Corporation’s¬†AHP-1801XPHC-1 Air Conditioners¬†to enable safe installation of their¬†Calidus Ultrafast Gas Chromatography system¬†into hazardous locations. Some gas chromatography installations require NEC saftey ratings¬†CID2, Groups A-D¬†. TECA‚Äôs AHP-1801XPHC-1 Air Conditioner meets the safety requirements of all four Groups. Because TECA’s AHP-1801XPHC-1 air conditioner is rated for these environments, Falcon Analytical is able to use simple Z-Purge or X-Purge devices to make the whole enclosure safe for installations in: Refining, Petrochemical, Upstream, and other operations requiring such safety ratings.

The AHP-1801XPHC-1 offers plenty of capacity to handle the most demanding locations such as the Texas Gulf Coast and even Alberta, CA. In the photos above, note the plant installation where 3 Calidus Process Enclosures are shown. The AHP-1801XPHC-1 units are bottom mounted into each analyzer enclosure.
The TECA units have been in operation in Falcon Analytical’s system for more than 4 years without maintenance or downtime.¬†This is a testament to the capability and capacity of the TECA air conditioner in a tough environment.
Falcon Analytical reports,
“And the analyzers have performed flawlessly delivering control quality composition data to the plant process control computer.”
The design of the Process Analyzer Enclosure allows far more economical plant installations because no climate controlled shelter is required even in very cold or very hot environments. Using TECA Model AHP-1801XPHC-1, simply protecting the Process Analyzer Enclosure from direct sunlight and precipitation is enough.

TECA thermoelectric enclosure coolers are built to endure. We use top quality heat sinks, military grade fans and we design and manufacture all our products in the U.S.A.

“Before we used TECA products, we had a half a dozen failed units…We love your products. You are putting the competition to shame.”

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Happy Birthday, Mr.Thermoelectric

Fun Fact: Mr. Peltier’s headstone is a tourist site in Ham, France.

Jean Peltier’s legacy is the¬†Peltier effect¬†-the discovery of heat transfer when voltage is applied to dissimilar semiconductor materials (generally termed¬†thermoelectric effect¬†)¬†. He was born on February 22, 1785. Nearly 200 years later,¬†TECA Corp.¬†was established and we were the¬†first to marketthermoelectric enclosure coolers. Trust our decades of experience and please consider TECA products for your upcoming projects.

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