boca lemur kiosk printer

BOCA Releases New Kiosk Printer for Receipt, Ticket, Label or Wristband Applications

LemurX Receipt and Ticket Printers

BOCA’s Lemur-X kiosk printer is the company’s most compact, economical model.

Like all BOCA printers, the Lemur-X is produced at the company’s factory in Boca Raton, Florida and configured to the customer’s specifications.

The Lemur-X can be produced to work with a range of media, including receipt rolls, fan folded tickets, or wristbands. The printer’s universal paper guide (or ‘UPG’) can support a range of widths.

Optional features include:

  • Large roll holder (up to 7” diameter)
  • Bezel: holds one or more receipts or tickets after printing.
  • Presenter/Retractor: holds the receipt or ticket in place after printing and retracts if not taken by the customer within a prescribed period.
  • RFID
  • Ethernet, WiFi or Bluetooth interfaces
  • Low paper sensor

To see the printer in action, please check out the following video:

See video from Boca Systems on new models of Lemur X.  Great stuff!

Brochure for Lemux-X Download

For more information contact Louis at Boca Systems