Bounty Call – Outdoor Wayfinder at Simon Outlet Mall in Colorado

By | December 15, 2018
wayfinder kiosk outdoors

Here is an outdoor wayfinding unit in Colorado.  Can you name the hardware manufacturer and the software application provider?

We’ll pony up a $25 Starbucks christmas card for the first person to get both right.

Send us a note with your answer!

Answers To The Quiz

It took more than one person to answer this one so we are splitting the bounty ($20 each). Here are the our best guess answers, with notes:

  • The units are provided by Gable.  Mostly in digital signage
  • The software is two part
  • The software geometry was provided by MappedIn
  • The UI (the very nice look and interface and our first guess) provided by AcquireDigital
  • The hardware provided by Gable but actually purchased from China and Keewin. You can catch Keewin at ISE 2019 in Europe. Link
  • Estimated price for units we put between 20 and 25 thousand each.

Reference Link with Simon Case Study


Here is Gable presentation at recent tradeshow


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