Cannabis Kiosks – 5 Questions with David Anzia

By | September 29, 2020
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Ask the Experts: Kiosks: 5 Questions 

Kiosk Cannabis Dispensary – Ask the Experts: Kiosks

Kiosks are the gateway to connect with consumers and patients. David Anzia, senior vice president of sales for Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. offers insight into how dispensaries can select the kiosk that’s right for their operation.

1. What are the advantages of a kiosk?

Self-service kiosks have numerous advantages, including cutting down on wait times, freeing up budtenders to serve new customers who have additional questions and increasing revenue with cross-selling software that recommends additional products based on what the shopper places in his or her cart. Furthermore, kiosks empower customers to take control of their shopping experience by offering product information when a budtender is not readily available.

2. What are the different kiosk form factors available?

In general, larger freestanding kiosks are attractive to dispensaries looking to grab the attention of shoppers. The smaller tablet kiosks, both freestanding and on the counter, as well as the wall kiosk, save on space in crowded areas and can provide a level of privacy for customers making purchases for medical needs. Look for self-service kiosks that can be personalized with branded graphics and customized for payment options as well as assistive technology, barcode readers and receipt printers.

3. Which kiosk option should I choose?

Every dispensary is going to have its own unique requirements, including privacy conditions, space availability, and hardware needs. That’s why we offer multiple form factors to ensure there’s an option for every shop. For example, our kiosk line includes 32-inch and 22-inch screen floor standing kiosks, a countertop tablet, a floor-standing tablet, a wall kiosk and a pedestal unit for non-transactional needs.

4. Does the kiosk tie into the point of sale?

Most kiosk software providers are capable of interfacing with point of sale systems due to open APIs that work with the majority of systems. In fact, some software providers are specifically tailored to the cannabis industry and are designed with the needs of dispensaries in mind. It’s important to discuss software details early in the conversation when investing in self-service kiosks.

5. Is it easy to update the products offered?

Adding, removing or changing products is an easy task for an employee or manager to do through the self-service kiosk software. It is also simple to keep product inventory, pricing and promotions current. Because the kiosk software can integrate with a dispensary’s POS system, kiosks reflect up-to-date information for customers while deciding on their purchases.

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