Kiosk Association Releases Multi-Vendor COVID Catalog

By | September 30, 2020

Temperature Kiosk Catalog

From BusinessWire Sep2020

WESTMINSTER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Kiosk Association (KMA) announces the first multi-vendor kiosk solution catalog for COVID-related kiosk solutions. 22 different solutions for COVID and Temperature screening kiosks are available to choose from.

CAKCEK is the authorized distributor for KMA standards conformance solutions. The owner of CAKCEK, Craig Keefner says, “We’ve been monitoring the temperature and thermal imaging market closely. The proliferation of Chinese-origin devices with undisclosed components both software and hardware into this market has been disconcerting at best. Almost all of those units come with facial recognition, artificial intelligence, and a general inattention to regulatory and legal issues. This raises serious liability issues, especially for healthcare-oriented deployments, down the road as well as the general health concerns of false positives. By offering a catalog of KMA-approved choices our first priority is to inform and educate buyers in the marketplace.”

Temperature kiosks come with a Certificate of Compliance for sensors. They are designed and manufactured by members which meet the KMA ADA conformance requirements in ADA, Accessibility, FDA, and PCI regulatory issues. Kiosks solutions are generally manufactured in the US though UK and Germany models are available.

Kiosk “Workers” Available

Temperature Scanning Kiosks

  • Choose your desired level of accuracy
  • Backend badge and door interfaces
  • FDA-certified thermal imaging systems available
  • Lease options
  • Repurposing options provided such digital signage and smart city
  • Countertop, Stand-up, Sit-down and Wall-Mount configurations
  • Windows AIO, Microsoft Surface Tablet, Android and iPad

CDC Screening Stations

  • CDC Recommended Health Screening kiosk options

Sanitizer Kiosks

  • Heavy duty cycle sanitizer dispense systems in Standup or Countertop systems
  • Standup automated sanitizer dispense system including digital signage

Software Only Solutions

  • NoTouch Touchless Software (Android and Windows)
  • Digital signage options (some portable and outdoors)
  • Secure lockdown software KioWare, Sitekiosk and Esper available for purchase
  • JAWS accessibility software for Windows available

Warranty and Service

  • Standard one year warranty on all systems
  • Sanitizer kiosks come with 2-year warranty

Country of Origin

  • USA
  • Canada (sanitizer kiosks)
  • Germany and UK units also available

How To Purchase

Email [email protected] for more info.