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Gift Card kiosk information for self-service in retail. Typical solution is Giftwise.

GiftWise Gift Card Vending Kiosks

GiftWise™ improves the visibility of your card program while enabling you to enhance or eliminate expensive, staff-based sales locations. GiftWise also serves as your remote marketing touch point that can enroll customers in your loyalty program and collect valuable consumer information, dispense coupons and promotional cards, display digital advertising, and fulfill shopper rewards.

The GiftWise Advantage:

  • GiftWise delivers 24/7 gift card sales availability

  • Gives customers an easy way to buy or check card balance

  • Secure – PCI-certified application

  • Multiple security measures reduce fraud risks

  • Indoor and outdoor models available

  • Optional features such as overhead digital screens available

  • Remotely monitor sales statistics in real time

  • Can be integrated with any prepaid program or bundled with our GiftWise+ solution

Cashless Retailing – Cash To Card – Decathlon Introduces Cashless Retailing for All

Cash To Card Kiosk – Decathlon Introduces Cashless Retailing for All Self-Service Networks helps with their innovative gift card dispensing kiosk. EMERYVILLE, Calif., June 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Decathlon, the self-proclaimed world leader in sporting goods retailing, recently opened their US flagship high-tech retail location in Emeryville, California.  With more than 1,500 stores in 49 countries, Decathlon is making… Read More »

Vending Kiosk – Goldstϋr Launches Jewelry Exchange Kiosks

Goldstϋr has deployed its automated kiosks for converting old or unwanted jewelry into cash or gift cards, in an agreement with Supervalu banner Cub Foods.  Goldstϋr kiosks are now in place at Cub stores in the Minnesota cities of Silver Lake, Stillwater, Midway, Coon Rapids and Apple Valley. 


Consumers can exchange their gold or silver jewelry for cash or gift cards in a secure and accurate process. For the retailer, this approach represents a new form of revenue that Goldstϋr can capture in addition to generating additional store traffic. Moreover, it can be a hedge against declining revenues from other in-store services.
The process takes two minutes and a $2 appraisal fee, with offers based on commodities market prices that are updated every hour. Consumers can choose from a cash receipt or store gift card as payout. If the consumer decides not to accept the bid as shown on the kiosk screen, they can simply decline the offer.