Gift Card Kiosks Update – Self-Service Networks

By | March 9, 2016

One of my good friends in the industry in Thomas Smith of Montegonet, oops I mean Self-Service Networks.


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Tom was one of the original Bay Hill bunch back in 2001 when we first set up a kiosk association. Back then he was MontegoNet but in 2007 transformed to Self-Service networks and all types of gift card solutions.  Back then Compaq was still a company.

Gift card solutions get in open loop VISA and Master Cards. That involved a fee.  The prepaid gift card market is dominated by companies like Blackhawk, Incomm and maybe 10 total.  These companies market those programs to the big retailers.

The latest iteration Tom is launching is a digital shopping card. You can use it via mobile and electronically. It acts a lot like an iTunes card, but for gift cards.. And it also comes with a complete program that can be offered to the retailers (not just the card).

And there are no fees. Hallelujah….

It’s pretty cool stuff.

So it turns out for starters you can use VersEcard at iTunes, or my usual favorite Amazon. But I can also use it at Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes as well as now, local and regional merchants who before were shunned for lack of better term (not considered significant mass).

Self-Service Networks will be selling online as well as apps as well distributing from its network of brick and mortar (or Clicks & Mortar) network of kiosk stations.

Right now they are crowdfunding the entire project and inviting people to learn more it and contribute.

I know I will. Visit the link and Pledge your support.  Way to go Tom!

Here is promo copy for VersEcard

By now, you may be aware of the next advancement by Self-Service Networks as we embrace the digital world of gift giving.  For years, our gift card vending products have sold hundreds of thousands of plastic gift cards to the delight of shoppers, and now we’re excited to announce our expansion into digital gifting, with a twist, of course.

Our team is actively developing this next generation of digital gifting and could really use your help.  Please check out our crowdfunding page – there are a couple short videos featuring yours truly describing the versEcard product and a few really great perks for contributing.  The momentum on our crowdfunding site is growing, but I could use your help to move that needle even faster.

Please visit our site at and pledge your support today!   Time is running out – any amount brings us closer to our goal.

And, please pass this message along within your network – much appreciated!

Thank you!

Thomas D. Smith