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By | November 16, 2016


DynaTouch launches new website for TIPS™ Kiosk Management Software, the most secure and ADA/508 compliant kiosk software on the market

San Antonio, Texas. – November 15, 2016 – DynaTouch, a pioneering self-service kiosk solutions provider, announced that they have launched the TIPS™ Kiosk Management Software website. TIPS (Touch Information Presentation Software) has been the foundation of everything DynaTouch for three decades in the self-service kiosk marketplace.

Dynatouch Kiosk Software

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TIPS kiosk software first appeared on the landscape in 1984, when DynaTouch started installing “electronic concierge” kiosks in Texas-based hotel lobbies – the first of their kind. Soon thereafter, DynaTouch installed and operated similar TIPS kiosks at all five of the military bases in San Antonio (Lackland AFB, Randolph AFB, Kelly AFB. Brooks AFB and Fort Sam Houston). Over the next 10 years, DynaTouch designed, developed and deployed customized TIPS kiosk systems (hardware, software and content) for more than 75% of the U.S. Military installations worldwide, and started doing the same for VA Medical Centers across the nation. To support these projects, DynaTouch created a wide range of kiosk apps (check-in, wayfinding, survey, queuing, directories, etc.), and TIPS Kiosk Management Software was the secure platform for each and every solution.

By the late 90s, the Internet started changing everything in the kiosk world. There was an almost global shift to move kiosk content and apps to the web, so they could be centrally managed, controlled and easily updated. Stand-alone systems were upgraded, and new systems were shipped Internet-ready. However, it quickly became clear that Internet-connected public-access kiosk systems were highly vulnerable to intrusion, misuse, web-based attacks and cyber-vandalism. This is when the power of TIPS Kiosk Management Software came to the forefront. TIPS was put to the test, and succeeded! TIPS kiosks were the first public-access kiosk systems ever to receive a Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) from the U.S. Military. And TIPS is also on the list of approved software for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, due to its robust security and compliance features (ADA, Section 508 and HIPAA).

DynaTouch President Tom McClelland said, “TIPS is the most secure browser application in the kiosk industry. And TIPS’ remote management tools are as robust as TIPS is secure.”

In addition to the TIPS secure browser, which tightly regulates what users can do on the Internet, TIPS manages all kiosk peripherals, locks down the OS and network, offers robust usage logging and statistical reports, and includes integrated cloud-based content management and monitoring.

Two years ago, DynaTouch CEO Terri McClelland said in a letter to her team, “Since we started this kiosk business, we have always been a total solutions provider. TIPS has always been at the core of every solution we supply, but rarely sold separately. We have made the decision to actively change that, and offer TIPS Kiosk Management Software as a stand-alone product our clients can install on any Windows or Android device. Now it can protect anyone’s laptop, computer, tablet, kiosk or kiosk application from cyber-vandalism and liability.” Since 2014 the software has become widely used as an ideal way to lock down and remotely manage all kinds of shared and public access computing devices, including thousands of “Self-Help PCs” managed by the Social Security Administration.

About DynaTouch Interactive Technologies
Established in 1988, DynaTouch is an IT solutions company specializing in interactive, self-service systems that deliver information and assistance in unattended settings. As a pioneering developer of customer-facing kiosk applications for multiple US Government Agencies, DynaTouch focuses on ease of use, data security, ADA/Section 508/HIPAA-compliance. The company offers OneSource Solutions™ packages which include hardware, kiosk management software, interactive application software, software development, multimedia content design and production, pre-shipment system integration and testing, worldwide deployment, Internet setup and support, network management, content management, and ongoing support – in any combination to match customer requirements. DynaTouch kiosk, mobile and digital signage solutions work around the clock to enhance customer/patient/visitor services. At the same time, they cut administrative costs by taking advantage of proven technologies in multimedia, touch screen simplicity and global information exchange via the Internet. DynaTouch truly offers a one-stop Self-Service Kiosk solution.

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