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Sanitizer Kiosk

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multifunction sanitizer

Your guests will appreciate the up-to-date building information along with free application of hand sanitizer boosting their confidence and assurance.  Designed with safety and security in mind.

Our kiosk display models with sanitizers come in your choice of touchscreen or a non-touch digital-only version.  Showcase products services and promotions.

Available in screen sizes 22 inch and 32 inch.

  • Steel construction for rigors of public space use.
  • CMS software to manage content remotely or USB 
  • Custom branding available
  • Sanitizer sensor-activated 12V, no touch
  • 12-liter hand sanitizer capacity, billows brand
  • Screen Full HD 1080

sanitizer kiosk

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MULTIFUNCTIONAL KIOSK LCD Display and Hand Sanitizer

Laboratory studies from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show alcohol-based hand sanitizers made from 60% ethanol and 70% iisopropyl alcohol are able to inactivate viruses genetically related to COVID-19.*

If you would like more information about LARGE CAPACITY HAND SANITIZERS and services we provide, please call (604) 818-4909 or contact us at

*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention