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Sanitizer Kiosk Waterfillz Built-In Solutions

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Sanitizer Kiosk Solution

On the news front, Qwick Media and subsidiary Waterfillz are now offering timely sanitizer kiosk additions to their manufactured line of products.

Our 3 models of floor enclosure kiosks are now being offered with built-in sanitizer kiosk application.  These can be outfitted with either touchscreen or as digital-only for important notices and ad revenue.

With Waterfillz products we are offering up our redesigned 2 head water refill station used for events and construction sites to now accommodate Sanitizer application as well.

All units are set up to accept our distributed Billows brand BIB’s (Bag in Box) system with 12-litre size units available of hand sanitizer.

A clean and simple system for refilling and built for the rigors of public installations.

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