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By | November 9, 2021
first responder kiosk

First Responder Kiosk Doubles as Lockers and Advertising Point

public safety kiosk

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Writeup on Sixteen:Nine by Dave Haynes

We are doing an in-depth article on CR+M but not surprisingly Sixteen:Nine published an insightful post on new public safety kiosk from CR+M.

In Brief

  • LA-area manufacturer Olea working with Community Response + Mitigation – on an outdoor-rated dual-sided 55-inch display totem that has a keyed locker on one side that stores items like bleed kits, heart paddle kits, ballistic shields and other life-saving equipment that first responders need when they find themselves working an active shooter incident or other emergencies.
  • Defined as forward operating post for first responders
  • What we found interesting insight — The company sells a variety of items, including lockers and cabinets that don’t incorporate screens. But I find this approach interesting because I could see media companies and large venue operators that sell their own media and promotion time having an interest in these. I could be corrected, but the smart city thing being sold by media companies as a way to win ad concessions hasn’t really played out. Justifying the presence of ad screens – and I know this will come across as a little cynical – may be easier when the presence of the screens is positioned as helping first responders and the public.

We recommend visiting Writeup on Sixteen:Nine by Dave Haynes

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