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Conversational Avatar Agents – an NVIDIA Perspective

Transforming QSR Order Taking with Digital Avatar Agents Anand Muralidaran — Head – Global Growth Strategy and AI Business Development (Retail, CG and QSR). This post originally published on LinkedIn and reprinted here without change by permission. Be sure and look at the other 25 articles published by Anand. QSR industry – at the cusp of major transformation… Read More »

Conversational Voice Ordering System with AI

Conversational Voice Order AI While conversational AI circa May 2023 is a hot topic and a big tool in the “buzz bag” aka “we plan on doing that”, conversational voice AI has finally reached actual deployments. Estimates and projections are fine but real data is what counts.  Meanwhile Google and Microsoft battle for available oxygen in the AI… Read More »

Generative AI – Coming soon to kiosks

Generative AI: Coming soon to a kiosk near you The most talked about technology this year–generative AI, which is behind ChatGPT, BingChat, Google Bard and dozens of other implementations–is likely to be talking right from the speaker of most kiosks quite soon. With some simple limitations to avoid it hallucinating the kiosk into big trouble, GenAI could take… Read More »

Conversational AI Share with Restaurant Technology Group & Angela Diffley

Conversational AI Webinar with RTN We participate in several workgroups in Restaurant Technology Group and recently participated in extended “AI Share”.  We learned a lot and especially liked the AGOT talk prior to our own.  Angela Diffly was the host and she is a super-connected person in the restaurants industry. The Restaurant Technology Network hosted #AI Share Groups in June & August… Read More »