Temperature Screening PSA – Six Flags Using Dahua For Outdoor Temperature Screening

By | October 26, 2020
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Temperature Screening Dahua Six Flags

New article from IPVM detailing violations of outdoor temperature screening.


As Six Flags scrambled to reopen parks amid plummeting revenues caused by the pandemic, it deployed Dahua fever cameras outdoors that violate FDA guidelines, creating a false sense of security and increasing risk to guests.

Despite that, Six Flags marketed Dahua devices as “new cutting edge thermal imaging” while showing false readings of up to 108° in its own marketing.

In this post, IPVM examines this issue in-depth.


Due to COVID, Six Flags’ revenue dropped 96% in Q2 2020 and its stock price has fallen by about 50%. Currently, only a fraction of Six Flags parks worldwide are open.

To reassure visitors and investors, in May, Six Flags began promoting new safety measures such as mandatory mask wearing and what they claimed to be “state of the art thermal imaging for temperature checks”.

108°F Temperature Readings In Marketing

However, Six Flag’s own marketing video showed the problems with its outdoor temperature screening. In the segment where it touts this ‘cutting-edge thermal imaging’, the subject in the center of the screen’s temperature is measured at 102, 105, 107, even 108.7°F, as the excerpt below shows:

Read full article — New article from IPVM 

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