Tokenworks ID Authenticate Product News – User Authentication Drivers License

By | April 21, 2018

Tokenworks Product News – User Authentication Drivers License

We like to highlight our members when we can and new product enhancements are now available from Tokenworks.

Tokenworks provides a complete range of Age Verification, Data Entry & Form Fillers and Forensic Scanners. And complete developer tools.

Editors Note:  While with KIOSK Information Systems, I probably participated in the installation of literally thousands of Tokenworks devices for various customers. We found them to extremely reliable and updating to latest jurisdictional data was ideal.  


USB Keyboard drivers license scanner with built in parsing – Recently Tokenworks did a node.js project which lets browsers grab data from device.

ID Wedge

The IDWedgeKB™ form filler desktop solution scans drivers licenses, ID cards, credit cards and other magnetic striped cards and fills computer forms with information from the card automatically! Plugged into any USB port and recognized as a keyboard, the IDWedgeKB™ extracts contact and payment information fields from driver’s licenses, debit/credit cards, membership cards and student IDs and sends them to the flashing cursor on ANY computer.


Software based – multiform – auto form filler.

ID Wedge Pro

The IDWedge®Pro form filler solution scans drivers licenses, ID cards, credit cards and other magnetic striped cards and fills multiple computer forms with information from the card. It automatically recognizes and populates forms in multiple PC applications, allowing different applications to share the same ID scanner. It works with any PC application that accepts keyboard input.

ID Parser Server product

A parsing server that clients can run from a windows server or on Azure and parse drivers licenses.

ID Server Parser

For larger clients, a great way to parse across large number of internet-connected devices. Supports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Applications. Simple to integrate and easy to Update . Uses TokenWorks Proven ID Parsing DLL software. Handles all N. American Drivers License*, State issued IDs, Ontario Health Card, Military IDs


The founders of Tokenworks have been involved in the Smart Card market since 1992 and have participated in a number of industry events and associations such as the Smart Card Forum, Smart Card Industry Association, Smart Card Alliance, CardTech/SecureTech and National Association of Campus Card Users.

In all of our efforts, the following principles are paramount:

  • Design in durability, quality, and value.
  • Deliver value to our customers and shareholders.
  • Do it once. Do it right.
  • Keep it simple.

For more information and pricing (included on website) visit Tokenworks website.

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