Touch Screen Monitor Released – Industrial Touchscreen with Resistive Touch

By | November 2, 2023

TDS TOUCH Embedded Industrial Touchscreen Monitor with Resistive Touchscreen

After two years of research and developments, TDS TOUCH breaks through the limitations of traditional resistive technology, proudly introduces its new series TDS37, an embedded touchscreen monitor designed for industrial application, which innovatively integrated the resistive touchscreen into the flat front frame structure. It is an ideal solution for customers who have high requirement for touch accuracy with flat appearance need,Suitable for applications in complex environments. Email [email protected] for pricing. Available now.


  • 4MM all-aluminum front frame
  • Industrial grade LCD panel with LED backlight
  • Customizable brightness from 500-1000nits
  • Five-Wire Resistive Touchscreen
  • Touch-sensitive and highly accurate in scribing
  • Multi-touch PCAP Touchscreen options
  • Multi-video interface: HDMI+VGA
  • Industrial grade parts ensure 24/7 performance
  • Compliant with multiple safety standards
  • We provide free samples for testing

For more information, please visit: or contact us:

Tel: +1(408)-688-2658
Email: [email protected] [email protected]


Why a resistive touchscreen?

Resistive touch technology is a type of touch-controlled device that is made of two or more transparent layers comprised of electrically resistive material that face each other. There’s a layer of air or gas separating these two layers. As a result, touching the interface presses the layers so that one layer senses the voltage of the other layer. Here are some advantages of resistive touchscreens:

  1. Resistive touchscreens offer an unparalleled level of durability. Manufacturing companies, restaurants and retailers often prefer them over other types of touchscreens for this very reason. With their durable construction, resistive touchscreens can withstand moisture and stress without succumbing to damage
  2. You can control a resistive touchscreen using a stylus or while wearing gloves. Most capacitive touchscreens only register commands performed with a bare finger (or a special capacitive stylus). If you use a stylus or a gloved finger to tap the interface, the capacitive touchscreen won’t respond to your command. Resistive touchscreens register and respond to all forms of input, though. You can control them with a bare finger, a gloved finger, a stylus or pretty much any other object
  3. Resistive touchscreens are highly responsive. Although they require greater pressure to trigger touch commands than capacitive touchscreens, they will respond almost immediately
  4. Resistive touchscreens are widely recognized for their fast response times
  5. They are simple to interface with mobile phones, tablets etc3

Examples of Resistive touchscreen technology would be the outdoor Redbox DVD Rental units for example.

redbox dvd rental outdoor

Click for full size — redbox dvd rental outdoor. Note the old school screen protector. I sure hope that isn’t a swipe reader!




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