UPS Kiosk & Digital Signage – Worlds Smallest UPS: Xtreme Power J60

By | April 18, 2022

Compact UPS for Kiosks, POS, Digital Signage and Thin Clients

Xtreme Power Conversion is one of our members and has a new iteration of the J60 which is a very small UPS with very good specifications.  The UPS is one of those devices that should always be part of your kiosk or digital signage.  If nothing else to prevent hacking and provide security.  The first “lets break in” tactic for any terminal is to disconnect power and then try and gain control during bootup.

Depending on the power grid and the weather, brownouts are very common. Quite often you can see kiosks or digital signs that have rebooted and are waiting to be initialized.  Sending technician is automatic $200 and 24 hours.

We’ll have one of these at the show in Chicago so stop by and see it.

In Brief

  • That’s an iPhone resting on top of it in the picture
  • Retail price $419
  • 10 year lithium battery life compared to 2-5 years lead-acid battery
  • 3.4lbs and 1.25 inches
  • 2000 discharges compared to 200 lead acid
  • Auto restart
  • Works in hot temperatures and does not affect battery life
  • Keeps devices up during power blips so devices don’t restart
  • Battery backup, power protection, and surge protection
  • 5 year warranty

Features — One of the biggest features with the J60 is the unit will automatically restart when battery is depleted during a power outage.  Many UPSs don’t have this feature and it becomes costly for downtime and time consuming for technical support to get these units powered back up after a power outage. Keeping devices up like ATM’s, Casino Kiosk’s,  Credit card processors, POS, and self-checkout scanners during a power outage is crucial to every business financially.  If you have a power outage you want to make sure you have 4-5 minutes of battery backup so you can do a safe shutdown of devices and finish a secure transaction with your customers.


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