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By | March 9, 2024
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Case Study for Service Kiosk for Local Government

Olmsted County has kiosks in various locations across the community. The kiosks are just another tool – an innovative way – to help residents access the information, services, and help they need from Olmsted County. We hope the kiosks will help minimize barriers and enable even more residents to access Olmsted County services in locations that are convenient and comfortable to them.

An introductory video about the kiosks provides a preview of what the kiosks look like and what they do. Check out our latest video on the Olmsted County Kiosks on our Olmsted County Facebook page that further illustrates the kiosk features as well as their new scanning functionality.

Residents can obtain help with services provided by Olmsted County’s Health, Housing, & Human Services (HHH) teams as well as Legal Assistance of Olmsted County. Residents can also apply for State of Minnesota benefits through a direct link to the MNbenefits application.

Nice case study on government services kiosks with videos for Olmstead, MN

    • Industry: Housing Redevelopment Authority / Government
    • Product: Office Extension
    • Kiosk Model: Document Kiosk (QTY: 11)
    • Zamok Subscription: Premier
    • Details: Public Housing / Health & Human Services
      Olmsted County, Minnesota’s Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) collaborated with Advanced Kiosks to revolutionize their service delivery by introducing an innovative self-service solution. Faced with the challenge of streamlining operations and reducing time spent on routine tasks, the HRA implemented a pilot program with an initial test kiosk from Advanced Kiosks.
      Encouraged by the positive feedback, they expanded their initiative, installing an additional ten Office Extension kiosks across various public facilities such as libraries and Community Service centers. This strategic placement ensures that essential services are accessible to all county residents, enhancing convenience and efficiency.
      The custom-designed interface developed by Advanced Kiosks caters specifically to the needs of the HRA, offering features beyond conventional expectations. With functionalities ranging from applying for various assistance programs to scanning and submitting healthcare renewals, the kiosks empower individuals to complete critical tasks independently, at any time of the day.
      This autonomy not only improves user experience but also extends the reach of HRA services outside traditional office hours. Olmsted County has further maximized the kiosks’ impact by actively promoting these new capabilities through instructional videos (see column on right) on social media platforms, facilitating a smoother transition for the community to this advanced technology.
    • Use Case:
      • Apply for Housing & Family Services
      • Scan & Print Documents
      • Form Fill & Submission
      • Make Payments on Rent or Bills
      • Maintenance Requests
      • Legal Assistance
      • Access to Health Insurance
      • Access to Veteran Services
      • Scan documents and send to any email.
      • Access to services 24/7.
      • Fill out forms and submit applications remotely.
      • Print forms, documents, or receipts on demand.
      • Pay bills through third-party portals securely.
      • VOIP services – Place phone calls through a directory or slideshow of quick-dial buttons.
      • Increase staff efficiency and decrease demand by automating services
      • Easily make changes to the interface of your kiosk right from your computer.
      • Better customer service.
    • Hardware and Software
      • ADA compliant Document Kiosk
        19″ Touchscreen
        Full Page Document Scanner
        Intel Quad-Core Processor with 4GB of Ram, 120 GB SSD
        All metal external keyboard with touchpad & back lit keys
        Internal Thermally Controlled Cooling System
        Amplified Speakers
        Monochrome Laser printer with Paper Tray
        Adjustable Printer Shelf
        Built-in surge protector
        Wi-Fi and Cat 5 connector
        Mounting Hardware to bolt to wall or floor
        Lock and key access with two keys
        Leveling feet
        Knockouts for adding options in the field
        VoIP Hardware
        Graphics branding
        1 year Premier Software Package

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