AI Artificial Intelligence Conversational Chatbot Avatars by SapientX

By | January 9, 2023

AI Artificial Intelligence Conversational Chatbot Avatars

New member SapientX provides A.I. Software That Gives a Voice and Intelligence to Products.  AI is a very big thread throughout the media these days. Restaurants and retail in particular.   Avatars for every segment of business.

SapientX We Are Building the Next Generation of A.I. Voice Assistants and Avatars

  • Current voice systems have surprisingly poor accuracy.
  • Our patent-pending system is up to 99% accurate!
  • We speak 40 languages and dialects allowing us to serve 5.5 billion potential users.
  • Our conversational interface needs no user training, functions with or without the internet and will never sell sensitive user data.

SapientX Uses a Unique Mix of Machine Learning and Symbolic Reasoning to Field a Voice System Unrivaled in the Industry.

  • SapientX runs on almost anything and it works or without the internet.
  • Historically, building and maintaining voice systems was the province of computational linguistics engineers.
  • We just changed the playing field with RayGun Studio, an authoring tool based on Hollywood scriptwriting tools.
  • Soon, we will also have plugins for Unity and Unreal, the most popular game-authoring platforms.

SapientX is Working With Friends Who Make Cars, Robots, Vending Machines and All Sorts of Consumer Products.

They want a friendly user interface where users aren’t required to learn commands so that they can talk to products like they are speaking to their best friend.

They also want their own branding, their own wake word and increasingly, they want an avatar brand ambassador. Research shows that avatars boost user trust and satisfaction scores by as much as 25%.

For more information:

Barney Stacher, Business Development



Brochures of Examples


See some of the new tools (Badger) available these days supporting multiple languages with AI. Thanks to Matt Ater of Vispero for spotting this one at CES

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